How To Use Apple Earbuds As Mic On PC

use apple earbuds as mic on pc

Nowadays, Apple is a brand which everyone intends to use. And to be very honest, this is an excellent choice as it has fantastic compatibility and reliability. If you want to know how to use Apple earbuds as mic on PC, then you have landed on the right page.

It's relatively easy if you have Apple earbuds and a MacBook because the same company makes both, and hence, they are flexible and compatible with each other. 

But if you want to use apple earbuds on Windows, it will work but not with that efficiency as it will work on a MacBook. The compatibility issues with the conflicting devices are more and  causes minor inconvenience.

Don't worry, this article will guide you to how to use Apple earbuds as mic on PC.  

Do Apple Earbuds Work as Mic on Windows PC?

The answer to this query is yes, of course. Apple is an iOS device, which makes us confused that its accessories will not work on Windows devices. However, somehow the thinking is correct as the process of utilizing an iOS accessory to Windows accessory is not straightforward.

By following some easy steps, Apple headphones can also be used as a microphone in a PC. Yet, there are two different varieties of headphones available in the market (actually so many, but mainly they are of two types). So, the next question arises, can we use both, in the same way, to use them as a mic? Well, the two different types are wired and wireless earphones.

Wireless earbuds are more comfortable to connect with any devices, whereas wired is a bit difficult. But there are solutions for both.

how to use apple earbuds as mic on Windows pC?

You can't plug Apple headphones directly on PC, it require a lightning audio adapter to inter connect your headphone with PC.

If you got a lighting audio adapter then follow the below steps to Connect wired Apple headphones on Windows.

Steps to connect wired Apple earbuds on Windows

Steps To Connect Wired Apple Earbuds On Windows
  • Find out the recording slot on the PC. I don't know if you have known this before or not, but your PC has two different slots for audio devices. One is for listening and another is for recording. Discover the right one by seeing the recording sign.
  • Now insert your Apple headphone jack into that slot. You will get instant notification of the audio device connected.
  • Then go to the control panel. 
  • After that, click on sound option. If you can not see the sound option, click on the category option of view by selecting large icons. Then choose sound.
  • Now from the sound option, choose your external audio device and enable Mic and recording. Now you can start recording using your Apple headphones on your Windows PC.

Steps to connect wireless Apple earbuds on Windows

Now, lets see how to connect wireless Apple earbuds on Windows PC. Since this is a wireless connection some users face difficulty during video chat as the microphone doesn’t work.

If you also face this problem, then it means there are some changes in the settings which you need to do to enable microphone use easily. Now, let's move further on how we can use wireless Apple earbuds as Mic on PC. 

  • Open Settings. Click on the Windows button, choose the settings option.
  • Go In The Device Folder, click on Bluetooth.
  • Click on the Bluetooth option and open it.
  • If your device is displayed there, click on it. 
  • If your device name is not there, click add Bluetooth or another device. and connect it. 
  • Click on the Sound settings and adjust the sound according to your preference.  

Once you open the sound box, there will be four tabs available under it namely:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4


A menu will show whether your earbuds are correctly connected or not. Once you open this menu, you will see a small green tick under your apple device name; this tells that your device is connected properly.


  • Now on the recording menu click on the properties option
  • The microphone properties window will open
  • Adjust the microphone levels and microphone boost according to your convenience
  • When you have changed the settings according to your comfort, click on apply and then OK to save your settings

That’s all you need to do !!


Well, we have come to the end of the guide on how to use Apple earbuds as mic on PC. We have covered the guide for both Apple's wired and wireless earbuds.

You can just follow the above given simple steps and get the work done in few mins. I hope this guide was useful and interesting. If you still face any problem connecting your earbuds on your PC, then comment them below. I will help you out.


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