How To Clean Fidget Spinner Bearings (Maintenance Tips)

How to clean Fidget Spinner Bearings

Fidget Spinner Bearings are the pivotal points of your spinner. It helps your spinner to spin fast so that you can have a good time while playing. Knowing how to clean Fidget Spinner Bearings is essential.

To clean your fidget spinner bearings you have to understand the basics before you start. Though many people have different nuisance about cleaning their bearings, there is a steady way through which you can do so.

If you follow the essential steps, then it can cause a huge increase in spin time. That is why it becomes necessary to follow the guidelines before you choose to clean them.

How to clean Fidget Spinner Bearings?

Proper lubricating the fidget spinner is important, as it helps to maintain your spinner and make it last longer. Most people while cleaning the bearing use too much grease. If you apply too much grease while cleaning your bearing, it can cause the spinner to slow down. So try to avoid that.

By following the necessary steps given below, it becomes easier to clean fidget spinner bearings.

Separate your fidget spinner

The first thing that you have to do is to separate your spinner from the bearings. You need to start this by opening the cap. Place your one finger on one rear end of the spinner and the other on the lid. If the spinner's cap is not threaded, you can remove it by plying the head with a screwdriver.

Take a flathead screwdriver and then take off the bearing. Make sure that you are doing this under controlled guidance and supervision.  If the bearing is threaded, then it can be easier for you to pull it out.

So if your bearing doesn't come out and looks threaded and welted to the top, make sure that you use a screwdriver.

Clean Fidget Spinner Bearings

Take a bowl and fill it with clear alcohol on it. Make sure that you keep a cotton pad right in front of you to clean your bearing thoroughly.

If your bearing is plastic, then it will be easier if you clean it with isopropyl alcohol. If you soak the cleaning solution bearing for half an hour, you will find it easy to clean the dust that is present in the bearing using a toothbrush.

clean Fidget Spinner Bearings

Use a toothbrush or a cotton swab to clean out the grim

The fidget spinner bearing has a lot of grim attached to it. When you are cleaning it for the first time, you will notice a stark dislodge in color while cleaning out the grim. To make sure that the grim is perfectly shinning, take a toothbrush. Even a cotton swab will do this task. Make sure that you brush it on the side of the bearing to make it clean.

Time to dry your bearing

After properly cleaning the Fidget Spinner Bearings, you have to dry it with the help of a dryer. Make sure that you don't keep the bearing too close to your dryer. Depending on the quality of your bearing, it will be dangerous for you to do so. Keep the bearing on a dry platform and keep the dryer a few feet away from it. Dry it properly so that the rubbing solution is completely evaporated.

Put it back into your fidget spinner

After you have cleaned the bearing, it is time for you to put the bearing back to the spinner. If your bearing were threaded to the spinner, it would be easier for you to put it back. Or take the screwdriver and then slowly weld the top of the bearing. Make sure that the head is mounted together to the spinner. Once you have done so, check the spinner to see if it is spinning fast or not. 

Tips to clean Fidget Spinner Bearings

While you are cleaning your fidget spinner's bearing, there are some tips you need to know. 

clean Fidget Spinner Bearings

Don't worry about the rusts

When you open the fidget spinner, chances are there for rust accumulation. Depending on the quality of your spinner, rust is a pretty common thing that can take place.

If spinner has rust, then the spinning capacity indeed decreases. All you can do is make sure that the rust is taken proper care of with liquid and appropriate cleaning. 

Fault bearing means a noisy spinner

Have you often noticed a strange noise coming out of your spinner? Well, you might have wondered how that happens. Yes, that occurs due to a faulty bearing attached to your spinner.

The bearing is the pivotal point that stays connected to your spinner. If you don't take proper care of it, it might cause rust and increase spinning noises. It causes friction between air and your piece that gives rise to the strange noises. To eliminate them, you need to have a fault-less bearing ready.

clean Fidget Spinner Bearings


Playing with your fidget spinner is a cold task, but dust or grime attached to the bearing can slow down your spinner.

As long as you follow these tips and make sure that your spinner is clean and protected, the spin time won't decrease. And indeed, you will have a good time competing with your friends for a fidget spinner match. I hope that this article taught you how to clean fidget spinner. Cheers!


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