Why Does My Controller Vibrate In Fortnite

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If you worry why does your controller vibrate in Fortnite, then this article will get you the solution for your problem.

Fortnite Battle Royale is updated with the latest 3.4 version. Many users are facing a lot of challenges while experimenting with new weapons in the Fortnite. 

Some users experience issues with the controller. This game has provided latest weapons like controlled rockets, a new sniper, and many more. Along with this, there is a constant vibration feature while playing the game, which is quite disturbing for the users. So talk about them in detail.

Why does my controller vibrate in Fortnite?

The vibration you experience in the controller is a glitch. It's mainly because vibration works as an alert when there is an enemy near to you. Or maybe because it is happening to complete a challenge. But sometimes the vibrations caused are irrelevant and irritate the users. In Fortnite game, this vibrations are reported as bugs and you can't fix it until the next update comes, but there is a solution for this problem. 

If you are finding it quite disturbing, then you can fix it by turning off your controller vibration through the settings. So, this is the best option to solve this vibration issue.

why does my controller vibrate in fortnite

Some of the other causes for these vibrations are

  • Mostly, these types of vibrations are caused because of imbalance rotating parts. So make sure you get a good quality console for Fortnite. 
  • Sometimes, it is due to uneven function.
  • Or because of the meshing of a gear tooth.

So, these are some reasons why vibrations occurs in the Fortnite game. 

How to turn-off vibration in Controller in fortnite

1. PS4 Users – You can turn-off vibration on the PS4 by following these steps.

  • First, go to Settings.
  • Click on the named device option.
  • Then select Controller.
  • You can disable controller vibration on Fortnite, along with other games.
why does my controller vibrate in fortnite

2. XBOX One Users – You can turn-off vibration on X- Box One users. To do this follow these steps given below.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Then choose the ease of access option.
  • After then click controllers.
  • Then, choose vibrations and press the configure button or edit, and then select vibrate.
  • You can move the slider way down to turn-off the vibrations and now you are done.

Why isn't my controller vibrating when I get shot in fortnite?

Some users while playing Fortnite, they don't experience any vibration while shooting. If the controller does not vibrate while shooting Fortnite, then you have to follow these steps.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Then, select the Controller and vibration in settings.
  • Then click on the ease of access option.
  • Now you can select the Controller.
  • Then edit, and vibration when there is slider down.

So, it would be best if you fixed the Fortnite controller vibration, and then there is Shot at the moment. It is the same thing; you don't have to worry about it.

Why Controller Vibrate suddenly?

Some users say that while running through Woods, their controller vibrate in Fortnite automatically. This can be an inaccurate process. There is a motor on each side of the controller and the motor spins when the controller is working. When there is any uneven weight on the controller it causes vibration.

Does Controller Vibration affect Aim?

Many people ask does controller vibration affect aim. Yes, sometimes, it affects your aim a little bit because of your concentration. The light rumble will provide a small difference between the target and you and it may lead to death and undying target. So, it is recommended to off vibration.

Since some games requires full attention and if the vibration is acting as a distraction, then turning off the vibration is a good option. Many users say in the beginning that it affects their accuracy, but after playing for a long time, they play it without feeling weird. So, it is all about your compatibility as there is no difference as far as my concern.


You can simply turn off the vibration in your controller if it annoys you. Well, I hope you got the answer for 'Why does my controller vibrate in Fortnite in this article.

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