How Long Can An HDMI Cable Be? Everything You Need To Know!

how long can an hdmi cable be

There is no maximum length for a HDMI cable, which means it can be of any size. Is it true that the longer your cable is, there is more impact on the quality of audio and video. So how long can be an HDMI cable be? 

It depends on how the line is made and the resolution of the content. If an HDMI cable is longer, it's signal may lose due to attenuation.

Therefore, it needs to be made from a thick gauge, which is known as AWG (American Wire Gauge). If your cable is short, and then it delivers high-resolution signals. So, today in this article, let's discuss about it in detail.

What is an HDMI Cable?

HDMI is known as a high definition multimedia interface (HD video and audio signals) are most common if you want to use cable interface for your home theatre or AV system. It is not just a cable or cord but it is a technology that is designed to transmit HD audio and video signals.

These cables are simply connected to an HD or 4K source directly to an adjacent TV. The HDMI output feeds in high-definition audio and video into the HDMI compatible display via HDMI inputs.

There is no such standard length for an HDMI cable. Also, it is not possible to provide an exact length of the HDMI cable because the length varies for different devices. There are some factors that affect the quality of signal transmission, which is quite common HDMI errors that can be easily resolved

Let's take an example, if you're transmitting a signal resolution, then its environment factors and the distance have a significant role in signal interference. There are some general guidelines on HDMI cable , for its length, standards, and it's internet IP transmission.

Maximum length of HDMI Cable?

For Passive HDMI cables: If you want to buy a passive HDMI cable, the length of the line must be 25 ft. Various quality options are available in this category. There are slim HDMI cables, premium cables, Cable with 90-degree headers, and retractable cords. 

So, whichever you want to have, the maximum length is 25 ft. So that your signal quality must be good since passive HDMI cable supports great distance if there is a perfect environment for connectivity. If the length of the wire disturbs you then opt for wireless HDMI cable that will be more helpful for you.

how long can an hdmi cable be

For Active HDMI cables: If you want to hook up ceiling-mounted projects or, if you want to build a home theatre for movies with this media, then you need a lengthy HDMI cable. You may face problems with standard or low-cost, HDMI cable. Therefore you have to use something like an active fiber HDMI cable.

The active HDMI cable supports 2.0 and has fire rated cable jacket which is certified through walls. These types of lines are flexible and light, which is the best choice to reach hard places. This type of HDMI cables has length ranging from 10 to 30 meters.

How to decide which HDMI Cable is best?

You need to understand that all cables are not the same and all home theatres are not similar. Don't believe in someone's else word and consider all factors that affect signal transmission.

If you want to know the length of the cable, you will need to measure the distance from display to display. Just try to keep your size as short as possible, because a shorter line provides shorter transmission distance, and it is more useful. 

how long can an hdmi cable be

You have to think about additional functionality or is your signal is 3D, perhaps, and if you want to send Ethernet data over the same Cable for your smart TV control.

If you want to transmit distance for 20-meter access, then you have to multiply signals for transmitting data and controlling.

If you are looking for special features, then you have to transmit and make sure that all these factors are supported in all types of HDMI devices. For example, you have to decide about source display, splitter, and its extender kit, etc.

hdmi booster Range up to 300 feet

If you want to transmit audio/video for an extreme range, then a signal cable is not going to help you. Since you will notice weak signals that cause instability, and screen flashing, along with image degradation, the length of the cable must be long.

You can solve this problem using an HDMI extenders that has 300 feet of range. You can use an Ethernet cable that is based on optical five technology and that can extend signal up to 1000 feet. This is recommended only for extreme conditions.

High quality of HDMI extenders will transmit 4K resolution up to 60 Hz for up to 164 feet: even this support HDR, colors, and 2.2 HDCP for viewing your content.

So, if you want things neat and straightforward, then try to consider a lengthy HDMI connection to your wall plate. Therefore, it is best to use cat 8 Ethernet cable since it provides perfect signals for your display.


This is the user guide on how long can an HDMI cable be. Therefore by reading this, you will get to learn about HDMI cable, its length, and many more information about the HDMI cables.

So, from now, you will not get any problem while choosing the size of the HDMI cable. If you still have any doubts floating in your mind, then feel free to ask them in the comment section. I will try to answer them ASAP. Cheers!

how long can an hdmi cable be

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