How to Reset Wireless Earbuds and Pair it properly

Many people experience this issue with their Bluetooth earbud. Wireless earbud are comparatively more convenient than wired headphones and earphones. But sometimes they can also be inconvenient to use if it encounters an issue. 

Does your earbud seem to be working one day and stops working the next day?  Sometimes it might face some pairing issue or sometime the sound might get distorted. Don't worry, You're not alone. 

Getting some resolvable earbud errors doesn't mean you have to buy a new earbud, Instead, you can reset your earbud. In this blog, we'll guide you on how to reset your wireless earbud and pair it properly. Keep reading the blog.

Wireless Earbuds

Headphones and earphones have a very long history. It was a Japanese brand named Onkyo that introduced the first true Wireless in-ear headphones in 2015. This event inspired and created a race wherein every brand you ever know has entered the headphone/earphone space and started to come up with their wireless earbuds.

But the most of the credit has to be given to Apple, which has taken this wireless earbuds platform to the next level by abolishing the AUX port on its iPhone 7. Getting rid of the AUX port was a very bold move that sparked a new era in headphone design. Their Apple AirPods have become a masterstroke that defined the whole concept of wireless and charging case design that we use today.

With the history of more than a century, headphones - both wired and wireless, have become an integral part of everyone's life. People still debate over pure audio and bass, but there are many top brand wireless earbuds available, and everyone can have the perfect music companion as per their convenience and choice.

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Importance Of Wireless Earbuds 

Wireless earbuds are hands-free and cord-free, which means you can attend all your calls without picking up your phone. As the earbuds are cord-free, you don’t have to worry about unwinding the knots formed in your wired earbuds. Most wireless earbuds also provide you with excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, and bass boost.

These earbuds look stylish and come with a sporty design that enables you to work even when using them. Wireless earbuds are produced by a lot of manufacturers and are available in all price ranges.

You can pair wireless earbuds with multiple devices like laptops, TV, and computers and enjoy your favorite shows without disturbing others in the room. Unlike the wired earbuds, you have to charge your wireless earbuds regularly. These earbuds work on batteries that have a short lifespan.

Thus you will have to wait until it’s charged again to use the earbuds. Just like all other battery-operated devices, the wireless earbuds also lose their battery capacity after prolonged use.

Why should you consider resetting your Bluetooth earbud?

f your Bluetooth is not syncing properly or not turning on, it doesn't mean they are broken. All you need to do is simply reset it. In fact, with a quick restart or factory reset, you can solve many common problems that occur with Bluetooth earbuds.

Here we have listed some of the common issues you could encounter with your Bluetooth earbuds,

  • If your device, such as a laptop or smartphone, can't find your Bluetooth earbuds.
  • If your Bluetooth earbuds are not syncing with your smartphone or laptop.
  • If your encounter a Bluetooth earbuds pairing issue.
  • If your earbuds keep on disconnecting automatically.
  • If the audio is static or delayed when watching a video.
  • If you hear audio from only one earbud.
  • If your Bluetooth earbud is connected but not playing any sound.

The thing is, getting any hardware issue is quite rare. In most cases, it's simply a connectivity issue that can be fixed easily by resetting your earbuds. Sometimes, it might be a software issue too. For instance, updating your smartphone or firmware can possibly do changes with your earbud connections, and you may have to reset so that the earbuds work again.


Paring wireless headphones can have connectivity issues for many different reasons. However, by resetting the wireless earbud, you can try resolving your issue. Without any further ado, let's take an in-depth look at how to reset different types of wireless earbuds.


How Do You Reset Wireless Earbuds
  • You must place both your AirPods inside the AirPod case and make sure that both the AirPods and AirPod cases have sufficient charge.
  • You can find a small button on the back of the shell. Now you have to press and hold the button for about 20 seconds with the AirPod case open. The light indicator inside the AirPod case will go from flashing white to flashing amber. This indicates that your AirPods have been reset.

As you have now reset your Apple AirPods they are no longer connected to your device or any device linked to your iCloud account.


How Do You Reset Wireless Earbuds
  • You have to use a USB cable to connect the earbuds to a power source.
  • Then insert both the earbuds into the charging case.
  • Within 60 seconds of inserting the earbuds in the case, you have to touch and hold both the touch control panel on the earbuds for at least 30 seconds inside the case.
  • After 30 seconds the earbuds are reset to their factory default settings.
Note:   The resetting procedure may for based on the Bluetooth earbuds Brands. It is highly recommended to refer to the Bluetooth earbuds manual to know exact way to reset Bluetooth earbuds.


You can also reset your earbuds by using the Smart Control App. This app is free and is available on Google Play Store. So these are some of the ways by which you can reset wireless earbuds. I hope you found the answer for "How do you reset wireless earbuds". Cheers!!!


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