Why Do My Earbuds Keep Breaking | Preventing Tips

why do my earbuds keep breaking

How often do you find yourself in the condition to buy new earbuds because your old pair has stopped functioning again? Or ever thought why do my earbuds keep breaking?

The answer may be weeks, months, or rarely years. But if your earbuds always die within a year, there are chances that you would be doing something wrong.

Well, here is a good news, you can easily prolong the life of your earphones by understanding the cause behind its breakage. In this article, you will find some ways to prevent your earbuds from breaking in a small period span. 

Along with you can find some habits and adequate to prevent this from happening to your earbuds.

How do you recognize if your Earbuds are breaking?

  • Screeching or crackling audio: You start hearing uneven sounds. These issues can be handy because of blown or tore speakers and damaged wires that cause signal transmissions. If you are a music lover, you can opt for earbuds with bass boosted for a new experience.
  • Often shortage in the audio output: Your audio starts skipping, and it fixes if you twist or turn your wires. Or maybe this happens when you are physically active.
  • No audio in one or both earbuds: If your earbuds are only playing in one ear or not even playing, you can try different software or devices ,so try to reset your earbuds. If it continues to malfunction, then refer this article to solve this issue; even after the issue is not rectified there would be damage within earbuds or wires are fractured.

Avoiding Proper Case to Carry

Why do my earbuds keep breaking? You might often prefer carrying earbuds without cases. Some of you put in pockets or freely into bags. This may cause damage to the device. Try one of these options. 

  • Earbuds casing: You can buy a good case for earbuds or you can have a pouch to store it in.
  • Separate compartment: You can have a separate compartment dedicated to keeping and storing your device in it, preventing further damage.
  • Use breast pocket: If you are not using a case, pouch, or having a separate pocket in your bag, you can try carrying your earbuds in your upper pocket. This can be handy enough. Unnecessarily fitting your earbuds in a smaller pocket or your skinny tight jeans will only result in damaging the earbuds.

Be Humane With Wires

Earphone wires aren't as strong as you think. One fracture or tickle in the wire will make the whole unit unusable. You often place the wires on the bed, dinner table, and desk, which is preferred to avoid. Especially during excerise, you have to take proper care of the earphones.  The wires are twisted or stretched during that time and it is likely to get damaged.

why do my earbuds keep breaking

The wires are quite soft, and they are not meant to resist excessive wear and tear in case you accidentally catch them in the zip of your bag or below your feet while moving along. You can damage the wire in several ways, often because of carelessness, which has to be taken care of.

Yanking Incorrectly While Unplugging

You  usually disconnect earbuds from devices by yanking or pulling on the cord. Yanking your earbuds outputs a lot of stress on the connection points (near the earpieces and the input plug) and the internal wires. This can lead to fractures or metal fatigue along the wires. To avoid this, unplugs your earphones from a device by firmly gripping at the jack rather than at the wire.

Exposing It To Humidity/Moisture/ Sweat

The earbud is quite a good to go thing for people who need music while sweating off their fats. But the thing is sweating also can kill the sound, and if you sweat immensely while exercising, then my suggestion is to go with sport earbuds. 

If you have a firm routine and you are enthusiast enough to work in the rain, then you should have a watch on how water resistant your pairs of earbuds are. Moisture–including your sweat–can fry your earbuds' internal components.

Here's the real deal, if unfortunately, your earbuds get wet, put them in a bag of uncooked rice for 24-36 hrs.

Scrutinize Your Volume

Listening loud music on a day to day basis will drastically downgrade the delicate internal pieces. Drivers of earbuds can even break if the volume is placed too high for too long. You will start getting frizzy and hissy voice from your earbuds. 

In 2018, the World Health Organization added that loud noises from earbuds to a list of things dangerous to human health, so if you don't care for drivers of earbuds, at least do it for your ears.

Sleeping With Earbuds On

Some people doze down while listening to music or audiobooks. But after you nod off, the cords can get bent and stretched and twisted as you bend or roll on your bed. The cords can get tangled in your clothes or blanket, resulting in wear or tear of your earbuds.

To avoid it, remove them before falling off to sleep. As soon as you dip in sleep, just put your earbuds aside. Try investing in truly wireless earbuds, where you are in a state of not worrying about crushing your device's cords during your precious sleep.

Wrapping Earbuds Inappropriately

Many of you may be winding the cords in tight circle bundles to avoid earbuds from getting tangled off. Maybe this way, you may find your earbuds look knot-free, and this might not even lead your earbuds to tangle but, I can assure that this may lead to their early damage to your earbuds. The same circle, like bundles every day, can cause a fracture to your inner cord.

Instead of doing all this uneven and inappropriate wrapping, you can get the help of Velcro or twist ties to tie your cords securely.


Regardless of your earbud's pricing and branding, you want them to be okay around you as long as it could be.

The good thing is that taking care of your earbuds does not even require some major extra inputs. Getting tutored with some habits are everyone's cup of tea, and this can increase your earbuds lifetime and they will follow up with you anywhere you want them to be.

And here, I did provide everything that needs to be taken care of why do my earbuds keep breaking and whatever you were doing wrong. Now, after referring to this, I am pretty sure you can develop a routine accordingly, and your earbuds will last for as long as possible.

What are your views on some of my advice on handling your earbuds? If you have any more, share them in the comment section open down below.


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