Best 140mm Case Fans Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

There is surely nothing more frustrating than losing your performance during a gaming session or while working on greedy software. Even if the peripherals of our computers are much more powerful these days, they are not immune to overheating.

For this reason, it is recommended to have a good cooling system and good quality fans to always keep the machine at ideal temperatures. 

That said, it's easy to get lost among all the new fan models and their varying specs. In order to help you, we prepared the ground for you with a complete comparison and frequently asked questions to know everything about the best 140mm case fans that have marked us. Thanks to their larger diameter, 140mm fans are said to have a better airflow-to-noise ratio than 120mm models.

Do you have any doubts about purchasing a fan for your PC case? Do you want to change an old fan that is starting to make noise? So look no further, you've come to the right place! With our best 140mm Case Fans comparison, you can easily check the advantages and disadvantages of each model that we have selected for you.






  • High-speed fans with 1600 RPM
  • 4-pin controller
  • 9 fan blades built to reduce noise
  • 37. 3 dB when running at the highest speed
  • Adjustable cooling capacity and volume
  • A lifetime of 80000 hours is good value for money
  • 3-year warranty

These are some very affordable fans from a company called to Be Quiet! and BE QUIET! PURE WINGS 2 case fans are some of the best 140mm case fans you can get.

The Pure Wings 2 model is for the simple folks who just want to ensure that their computer setup keeps cool. There’s no fancy RGB lighting, these come in a basic black, but you’re paying for functionality, not bells and whistles.

With a speed of 1600 RPM, these fans are sure to keep your system cool, and they’re optimized specifically for air and water cooling, in case you happen to have a water-cooler setup. Screws will be included with the case fan, so you can mount them easily.

Also, these fans are so cheap that you can easily buy a couple to manage the heat without making a huge dent in your finances.

These fans from Be Quiet! are ideal for gamers who want good quality but don’t want to spend a lot of money on gaming accessories. They also won’t bother you while you’re immersed in your games because they’re whisper-quiet.

This is a basic bit of equipment to add to your gaming rig and definitely does the job quite well, at a price point that is accessible to everyone.


  • Very cheap
  • Tend to run very quietly
  • Very easy installation
  • Can move a lot of air
  • Your PC temperatures will drop


  • No RGB




  • PWM triple fan
  • 21dB maximum noise levels
  • 34 RGB LEDs, lighting on both sides
  • 50.2 CFM of airflow provided
  • Metallic accents on the fan hub
  • Lighting controlled through iCUE software
  • 2-year warranty

The QL140 from Corsair is slightly more high-end case fan for gamers and for those who want to add some fancy details to their setup.

Corsair is a pretty famous name for gaming peripherals, so this is undoubtedly one of the best 140mm case fans on the market. This is a white fan with a metallic finish, which will be a stylish addition to your rig, with individually addressable RGB LED lighting for the full gaming experience.

There are four lighting zones, and there are effects to choose from as you game. The somewhat transparent fan blades combined with the rubber dampers at the fan corners work collectively to reduce noise and vibration.

This is a great buy, particularly if you have other Corsair products to match with it. The lighting controller is sold separately but uses iCUE software to allow you free rein to create animated lighting effects.

This is a pretty premium investment, but if you can afford it, you’ll get really good results. You’re getting a lot of quality for the price, as Corsair always delivers, and the powerful fans will work well with up to 1250 RPM to lower temperatures. You can game away to glory without worrying about heating issues.


  • Very classy look
  • Installation is pretty simple
  • Lighting is visible from all angles
  • Great software to program your LEDs as per your preferences
  • Don’t make much noise


  • It can be a bit pricey 




  • PWM fan control
  • Maximum noise levels of 27dB
  • RPM levels go from 650 to 1400 RPM
  • 67 CFM airflow levels
  • Fan frame built to reduce noise
  • Individually addressable ARGB LED lighting
  • A lifetime of 160000 hours

These SickleFlow 140 V2 ARGB fans from Cooler Master are a great option for gaming and graphic design enthusiasts and will really help to preserve your equipment and keep the heat levels manageable.

If you prefer monochrome LEDs, they’re available, but this model has RGB lighting. The frosted fan blades improve light dispersion and give a dynamic, vibrant effect to the overall look of your setup.

Cooler Master has also provided a 2-tier sealing mechanism to increase the overall lifespan of the case fan and prevent any dust or oil leakage issues. The specially curved blades of the fan also improve air circulation and provide a better cooling effect.

An ARGB controller is included, and you can customize lighting effects or use your motherboard via a splitter. The fan can go to a maximum of 1400 RPM, and cable management is also made much easier thanks to the clips provided.

This is quite affordable, although not totally cheap, so if you want to splash out a bit (but not too much!), you can get hold of a couple of these and daisy chain them together for a colorful, intense gaming experience or whatever work it is you’d like to do.


  • Good build for the price
  • Braided cables will last longer
  • Largely quiet, don’t make a lot of noise
  • Great cooling effect
  • Rubber pads help to reduce noise


  • You might have to have specific motherboard software for the ARGB




  • High static pressure fan with ring light
  • RL360 radiator
  • Specifically built for cooling
  • LED lights available in 6 colors
  • Hydraulic bearing for lubrication
  • 1400 RPM is the maximum speed
  • 3-year warranty

This is a great mid-range option from Thermaltake and also one of the best 140mm case fans you can get, especially because of the optimized build, which is ideal for chassis cooling.

The 3 Ring radiator fans provide 40% more cooling than your average case fan, and the anti-vibration rubber pads are included for protection and also help to reduce any friction between the chassis and the fan. The fans have a special hydraulic bearing design to prevent any kind of leakage issues. This is the perfect case fan for liquid cooling.

The lighting system here is somewhat unique because it’s a light ring (you can choose from several colors, including orange, red, white, yellow, and so on) with LED Ring lighting. It isn’t RGB, but the round lights can look quite attractive, particularly if you prefer a more minimal setup.

The special compression blade design pushes air outwards while keeping the pressure intact, thus creating a static pressure effect to give you enhanced performance. Screws are included for chassis and radiator installation, and this is a great option for a stylish but simple look for your work or gaming rig, giving you powerful and bright operation and colors that can be seen from all angles. ‘


  • Very good cooling
  • Sleeved and long fan cable
  • Lights have a nice glow, not too garish
  • Value for money
  • Rubber pads to minimize vibration


  • Not PWM

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  • High-performance fans running at a maximum of
  • 1500 RPM
  • No RGB
  • 25.8dB maximum noise levels
  • Square frame means it can be used as a replacement for 140mm fans
  • 150000 hours lifespan
  • 6-year warranty
  • Optional accessories are available but must be purchased separately

This is a good cooling fan if you’re on the market for something very basic but quite functional and comes in a Redux Grey color. It’s a great option for water-cooling radiators but can also be used for your chassis, of course. This award-winning model is one of the best 140mm case fans, although there is no lighting included (you can buy colored anti-vibration rubber pads separately, however).

This is quite a premium bit of equipment from Noctua that comes at a reasonable price, with a 9-blade design that is aimed at optimizing pressure.

The Vortex-Control notches work to balance out noise and prevent it from being overpowering, and although you might hear noise, it won’t necessarily be unpleasant. The hydrodynamic bearing of the fan ensures the longevity of the product.

If you’re not overly concerned with how colorful your setup looks, this is the ideal option, and screws for mounting are included for a stress-free installation process. The grey color scheme is also a pretty safe choice, as it won’t look out of place with the rest of your PC equipment. You can also use motherboard controls to manage the fan speed, and the airflow you get is great.


  • Very well-built
  • You can expect them to last for years
  • Sleeved fan cables
  • The pretty affordable price point
  • Very sleek, minimal look


  • You can expect noise at high speeds, but it’s not disruptive




  • 200 to 1700 RPM fan speed range
  • All-white fan
  • No RGB
  • New ARCTIC motor for better lifespan
  • 72.8 CFM airflow produced
  • 10-year warranty

Again, another minimal option that will just cost you a little over a tenner, this is a beautiful case fan from ARCTIC that’s perfect for people who are all about that white, monochrome aesthetic.

These fans are optimized for delivering static pressure and will work well for heatsinks and radiators particularly. The fan runs on a Neodym-Iron-Boron-Magnet ring, which helps to make it function at top-class and is also more energy saving.

With the 4-pin PWM connector, it’s easy to regulate the fan speed with minimal noise and fuss. If you’d like a simple but classy case fan that’s one of the cheapest and best 140mm case fans out there, look no further. 


  • Very good airflow
  • Quite cheap and affordable
  • Ideal for water-cooling
  • Very classy look


  • Cables are unsleeved, could be better protected
  • It can get a bit noisy at high speeds


NZXT AER RGB 2 - HF-28140-B1


  • Static pressure fans with several lighting customizations
  • Build for air-cooling
  • 35dB noise level
  • Copper-made fluid dynamic bearings for lubrication
  • Control modes via CAM software
  • Controller not included

This is a bit of a pricier model from NZXT. The AER RGB 2 is one of the best 140mm case fans available, and the lighting effects are great for jazzing up your gaming space.

The unusual shape of the fan gives you something of a ring light effect. The fan blades have winglet tips to reduce drag and to make sure the fan performs to the best of its capability.

If you happen to have other NZXT peripherals, you can mix and match and build a HUE ecosystem, but you can also use the CAM software available to control your fans and choose lighting presets. If you have a couple of fans at your disposal, you can sync them up to harmonize the effects.


  • Amazing look
  • Don’t make much noise
  • Setting up is relatively easy
  • RGB is very nice and not too flashy


  • A bit pricey
  • Suits NZXT products, you might have trouble syncing with other brands




  • 3-pin or 4-pin connectors
  • Good for mining rigs
  • 23dB is the noise level
  • Built for air-cooling
  • The lifespan of 100000 hours

This is probably the most affordable case fan on this list and is still one of the best 140mm case fans, so if you really don’t want to spend much, then this is ideal.

This model from Kingwin is great value for money, with special fan blades that are built to increase airflow. The 11-blade design gives a good balance to the overall system, and the wind pressure helps to manage heat. 


  • Very affordable
  • Doesn’t make much noise at all
  • Decent amount of airflow
  • Quite easy to set up


  • The cable could be longer
  • No RGB & No PWM




  • 3-pin connector
  • Rifle-bearings to enhance product life
  • 21.6dB maximum noise level
  • Lower speeds for reduced noise
  • Hydraulic bearings for better performance

This case fan is part of the Silent Series R3 from Fractal Design, built for operating quietly and without unnecessary noises and squeaks. The fans come with a low-speed adaptor, so you can choose between 2 speeds without having to buy a separate controller.

The case fan comes with all the necessary screws, so whatever mounting option you choose, you won’t have to purchase extra screws. This is a simple fan with a black and white color scheme and a great budget option.


  • Optimized for quiet performance
  • Good airflow
  • Quite cheap
  • Compact-looking


  • At roughly 1000 RPM, speeds won’t go too high
  • Cables could be longer




  • 3-pin connector
  • The maximum noise level is 15dB
  • 18 LEDs which can be controlled individually
  • Fan speed goes up to 1700 RPM
  • 2-year warranty available

These fans from Antec are part of the Prizm Series and are some of the best 140mm case fans, which produce very little noise.

You get 16.8 million colors with the RGB LEDs, and the convex dual lighting ring produces a really great effect. If you’re a gamer and you want to make some improvements to your setup, then this is a great model to go for. 


  • Rubber padding to reduce vibrations
  • Doesn’t produce much noise
  • Good LEDs with lots of effects
  • Decent amount of airflow


  • The controller hub isn’t included
  • Customer support could be improved
  • It could be more durable


I know it is hard to narrow down your search from the hundreds of 140mm case fans present in the market. So I advise you to look for the factors that I have given below and pick the one that ticks the list of factors.

Fan Size

First of all, you should know that the bigger the fan, the more efficient it is . Be careful though, that doesn't mean that a smaller fan won't give you good results. Indeed, the quality of manufacture also comes into play.

Either way, today's PC cases will accept most 80mm , 120mm, and 140mm fans . These measurements represent the base of the fan or, in other words, the square of the fan. It comes from 25mm to 250mm. But choosing the 140mm is an ideal option. The reason is that its large blades. These large blades are sufficient enough to circulate more air at low speed. In terms of noise, these are less noisy. 

Number of fans

Your system needs multiple fans to keep it cooler. That said, instead of buying multiple fans and wasting money, you can buy a fan case that has multiple fans in it. Also, the fan pack comes with the added advantage of easy installation in your computer case as well. So look for a fan case that consists of 5 fans in it. 

Fan speed

It is crucial to test the fan speed because your speed tells you how well it performs. Also, the size of the fan influences the speed. 

Speed is measured in RPM, which is revolutions per minute. A large case fan with lower RPM is highly suggested because it can circulate air and operate with less noise than a small case fan. 

Noise levels

Nobody wants a noisy case fan. When the 140mm case runs/works at maximum RPM, it makes noise. Usually, the small case fans tend to make more noise than the large ones. But still, the noise levels of most 140mm case fans that range from 10dB to 35dB are acceptable. 

Fan type

Apart from the size, the case fans also differ in type. There are two types, static pressure fans, and airflow fans. Airflow fans are ideal for cooling processes, whereas static pressure fans are ideal to use with water cooling radiators. 

Power connection type

Before you pay for the 140mm case fan, you must find out how to connect it to your system. Most case fans have a 4-pin connector type, and it simply connects with your 4-pin connector motherboard. Your system with a 4-pin type can also support a case fan with a 3-pin type with a Molex plug included. But when it comes to which is best? The 4-pin type connector case fan is easy to use and offers better fan speed control.


So now you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect when you’re shopping for some of the best 140mm case fans. Remember to keep an eye out for what you want out of your setup - are you looking for fans that will provide functionality, or do you also want a pop of color to impress your gamer friends while you’re streaming? Most of the fans on this list are really affordable, so there should be something here for everyone!


Are 140mm fans better than 120mm?

When compared to 140mm fans, 120mm fans are seen as a standard one in most PCs because they are equipped with some good features. But still, 140mm fans offer a sleek performance than 120mm and beats the former with a better noise level and airflow. 

Are bigger case fans better?

In general, bigger fans will move the same amount of air the smaller fans do at lower revolutions per minute. Since the electric motor present in the bigger fan mechanism doesn't have the need to spin fast, the bigger case fans are quieter than smaller ones.

How many fans do you need in a PC case?

Keeping your system cool is very important. So I recommend you to buy a PC fan case with at least three fans without the power supply, and GPU fans are taken into consideration. 


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