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The processors of the current generation are extremely powerful units. Being more powerful has its benefits, but that also means they require a more powerful cooling system. After all, the more powerful something is, the more heat it generates. As CPUs get better, they tend also to get more expensive… as most things do.

Best AIO Cooler For 8700k

So, you really do not want your CPU melting down on you; that is why investing in a solid, actually useful cooler is important. To get the optimal performance from your CPU and increase its life, you want to get yourself the best AIO cooler.

That is why, in this article, I will be providing you with a list of the best AIO cooler for 8700k that you can get for your PC right now using the button links which I have given below each product. Without any further adieu, let us start the list in no particular order:





  • Pump: Asetek Pump (Gen 7) 800 - 2800 RPM.
  • Radiator: 240 mm Aluminum.
  • Fans: 2x Aer P120 RGB V2.
  • CPU Block is made of copper and plastic with RGB lighting.
NZXT Kraken X53 - best AIO cooler for 8700k

If you have done even a bit of research, you most certainly have come across the company named NZXT and known worldwide for manufacturing some fantastic all-in-one coolers for all kinds of consumers. They have a three-tier system with their Kraken Z, X and M series. From premium to middle-of-the-road to budget categories, something for everyone.

Today, we will be looking at the X series, specifically the Kraken X53 AIO RGB CPU liquid cooler. The Kraken X53 may not be the premium-grade AIO cooler, but it packs quite a punch with quite a reasonable price tag attached to it.

The Kraken X53 is quite well equipped to handle anything up to an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor. Despite not being the top-tier NZXT has to offer, the X53 has everything you will need to keep your system cool, like a radiator and pump combo. Two NZXT Aer P120 blowers that boast RGB lighting and the required mounting brackets.

The LED lights on the CPU block and the fan are both what causes the RGB lights to function and are controllable via the NZXT's CAM software. This AIO cooler has a 240mm radiator, which should be more than enough for medium to high-end PCs.

The overall build of the Kraken X53 is also fairly impressed with the CPU block being plastic and copper with the radiator being made of aluminum. If you decide the get yourself one of these, you will not be disappointed.


  • The Asetek 7th gen fan works great.
  • Impressive performance.
  • RGB included.
  • The CAM software is a useful one to have.
  • CPU block has an infinite LCD effect.


  • Lacks direct fan control.




  • Dual Dissipation Pump.
  • Double FEP Tubing.
  • RGB 120 mm Fan & Pump.
  • Low-Resistance 240 mm Radiator.
  • Universal Mounting Kit.
  • RGB Controller and 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cable Included.
Cooler Master - best AIO cooler for 8700k

The MasterLiquid LC240E RGB has you covered when it comes to the cool factor and the cooling factor. It comes with a very classy matte-black finish with braided cables and RGB lighting. It certainly fits the traditional "gamer" aesthetic quite well.

The RGB lighting is present on both the fan and the water block, with 6 lighting effects to choose from. This all-in-one cooler has a unique Dual Chamber Pump and Dual 120mm MasterFan. The 120-millimeter fans, at the highest RPM, do tend to get a bit louder than average, but with that said, their main job is to keep your system cool and that they can do quite well.

The dual-chamber pumps have a low-profile but deliver excellent performance, especially considering they are paired with the fans. The tubes are reinforced with FEP, which doesn't sound much when I put it like that, but it means that the tubes stay free of any kinks; thus, the flow is never interrupted.

The Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E RGB is a league above when it comes to building quality, appearance, and performance. No amount of RGB lighting would make up for an under-performing AIO cooler, and fortunately, this performs fantastically. This is a budget option, so a few corners are cut here and there, but overall, its performance is quite satisfactory for the price.


  • Budget option.
  • Build Quality.
  • Performances excellently.
  • Reinforced tubes.
  • Easy replacement of fans.


  • No pump speed control.




  • Cooling Fans(2) 120 x 25mm.
  • 16 individual RGB lights.
  • Cold Plate Material: Copper.
  • Radiator Material: Aluminum.
Corsair H100i  - best AIO cooler for 8700k

The enthusiasts amongst you might be able to remember the company Corsair. Yes, it is the same company that made the Hydro H50, one of the first closed-loop water coolers that the industry had, and it flipped the market upside down.

Naturally, I have some high expectations from their newer models, like the H100i RGB Platinum. Let us talk about what stands out the most, which is unsurprisingly the RGB lights. The CORSAIR H100i RGB PLATINUM has multi-zone RGB lights that illuminate the fans and their logo. Each LED is customizable, so you can get creative and mix things up. The lighting looks nice and not overkill by any means.

Visually, the H100i Pro and Platinum look pretty much the same, but their inside makes them different. The Platinum is leagues above and is made for high-tier PCs. It has two 120 millimeters ML PRO Series RGB magnetic levitation PWM fans, and each fan has 4 individual RGB lights, which can be controlled via Corsair iCUE software.

The fans work rather quietly for the most part and can keep your system cool, which is further aided by a thermally optimized cold plate and low-noise pump. Overall, I am quite impressed by the Corsair H100i Platinum. It gets a thumbs up!


  • Impressive RGB lighting.
  • Quite compatible.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very quiet.


  • Tubings could be better.




  • Radiator Size: 280mm.
  • Built-in RGB LED.
  • Sleeved Tubing.
  • Noise Level: 39.5 dB.
  • Made of Aluminum and Copper.
EVGA CLC - best AIO cooler for 8700k

EVGA is one of the top hardware manufacturers, with its products being of top-notch quality and performing well. Unsurprisingly, they appear on this list. I would argue that the EVGA CLC 280 is one of the best AIO cooler for 8700k and gets you the most bang for your buck.

This all-in-one cooler is so capable that it will drastically help decrease the temperature of even an overclocking processor, so gamers, pay attention. The EVGA CLC 280 has a dual-fan radiator design with an aluminum block. The dual fans, which are 140mm Teflon Nano Bearing fans, are designed to decrease the noise while not reducing performance.

The pump and the copper water block are connected with the Radiator via sleeved tubings. The new cooling block on the EVGA CLC 280 provides a better flow rate and heat transfer area for efficient cooling.

In terms of aesthetics, you will find a built-in RGB LED, which is customizable… color profiles even save to the firmware! Speaking of the firmware, this software allows you to control Fan speed, pump control, profiles, lighting etc. Easily one of the best AIO cooler for 8700k out there.


  • The EVGA flow Control software.
  • Awesome performance, even for overclocked processors.
  • One of the best ones out there.


  • Kinda big.




  • Material: Rubber, Copper.
  • Tt LCS Certified.
  • 12 Separately Controlled RGB LEDs.
  • 240 mm Radiator.
  • LED Waterblock with Pump.
 Thermaltake - best AIO cooler for 8700k

Thermaltake's Floe Ring RGB 240 TT Premium Edition can flex that it is the world's first 16.8 million colors liquid CPU cooler, so you just know that they are going to push that as much as possible and yes, they did. They should as well because that is quite impressive.

There is an app to control the light modes, colors, speeds, brightness, fan speeds of this CPU cooler and can even support AI voice control. It comes with two 120mm Ring along with an LED water block and RGB lights, as mentioned above.

The surface radiator, paired up with the water block and pump, provides for extreme cooling performance. The dual fans boast a total of 9 blades in total, which can push out air through the 240 mm radiator.

The fans have a rubber ring around them, which helps keep things quieter. In my testing, I was quite impressed by this AIO cooler's performance and surprised by how easy it was to setup.


  • 16.8 million colors liquid.
  • Software for multiple functions.
  • Easy to install.
  • Performs well.


  • Says it supports Aorus but doesn't.




  • Cooling TypeWater.
  • RGB Lighting.
  • 240mm radiator.
  • Dual 120mm RGB PWM fans.
  • Copper base, nylon tubing.
ID-COOLING - best AIO cooler for 8700k

ID-COOLING is the new kid in the block, being formed as recently as 2013. With that said, they are no slouch and have quickly earned themselves a reputable spot in the market. Today, we will be looking at their Auraflow X240. It is meant to be the perfect combination of looks and performance.

This all-in-one liquid cooler has the RGB lights that are all the hype and you get them on both the fan and the pump. Speaking of which, the pump in here has a PWM-to-SATA adapter, so you can choose whether to want it to run on full-speed or curve using the PWM. The tubings are nylon-covered, which is easy to clean and durable material.

The satin-finished milled copper cooling plate on the Auraflow X240 is large enough to accommodate even the large AMD's Threadripper high-end desktop CPUs. Installing this cooler is fairly straightforward and is quite compatible. Overall, I think it certainly does underperform a little compared to some other 240mm models, but its lower cost makes up for it.


  • Flexible, nylon tubings.
  • Very impressive RGB.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Easy to install.


  • Lacks desktop software.




  • Closed-loop cooler.
  • Copper-based.
  • Made of metal.
  • Dual 120mm fans.

The Rosewill PB240 is a viable budget option if you want to get your hands on a liquid cooler. This CPU cooler has a copper base. The cooling block is a slim copper blade that aids thermal connectivity and offers better heat transfer rates and decreases the noise level as well.

It boasts dual 120mm fans with 4-pin pulse-width modulation regulated by the motherboard, meaning you can control the fan's speed as per your requirement. Pump it up during gaming sessions and slow it down while watching a movie to keep things as quiet as possible.

Upon the 240mm radiator, there is a rapid circulation of the liquid via the built-in high power water pump. These water cooling pipes reduce the evaporation rate to the point that you don't need to refill. This is going to be an upgrade from your standard fan, but this is a budget option so use it accordingly. Do not expect what you did not pay for.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Upgrade from a standard fan.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible with most AMD/Intel processors.


  • You get what you pay for.




  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 1700 RPM.
  • Fan: 140 mm x 2.
  • AMD Socket: AM4.
  • Technology: Water Cooling.

The ARCTIC liquid freezer II 280 is one of the best performers under the 100$ budget mark. Going into this review, I did not expect to like this cooler as much as I did. ARCTIC has gone a step further to design a special water pumping system for their coolers, making it more efficient and quieter. The pump is also PWM controlled.

Installing it is very easy as cables are hidden thanks to superior cable management and you only have to plug into the mainboard. My mild, self-diagnosed OCD is satisfied. The fiber-reinforced EPDM tubing makes you not worry about refilling or maintenance. You will find a dual-fan setup here with an additional 40 mm VRM fan for extra cooling. Thumbs up!


  • Affordable.
  • Performs quite well.
  • Very simple installation.


  • No RGB lighting.




  • Cooling TypeWater.
  • Universal CPU Compatibility.
  • RGB Lighting.
  • High Static Vardar S PMW Fans (600 - 2500 RPM).

The EK 240mm RGB AIO cooler not only looks really good and it has really good performance as well. The internals of this cooler is brilliant, especially for a closed-loop cooler. It comes with CPU sockets for both Intel and AMD, and the installation process is extremely easy.

The dual high-static PWM fans are not only designed for optimizing performance but also feature RGB lights. The overall build quality of the cooler is fantastic, with aluminum covers, reinforced and sleeve tubings. It feels solid and is yet another best AIO cooler for 8700k to consider.

The EK 240 RGB AIO cooler's performance certainly matches up to its competition, but it is a little pricer. However, you do get higher-grade materials and better aesthetics, if that is a factor for you.


  • Customizable lights.
  • Performance.
  • Supports overclocking CPUs.


  • Expensive.




  • Cooling Type: Water.
  • LCD display with 6 unique modes.
  • RGB lighting.
  • Dual 120mm fans with 240mm radiator.
  • Dual Ball bearing fan design.

The Gigabyte AORUS RGB 240 is a liquid cooler that is more than capable of keeping your 8700k cool and calm. The dual 120mm, RGB fusions with multi-zone lighting are quite efficient at dissipating heat and is a bit louder when you compare it to other coolers. Not much though, it isn't a major deal-breaker for anything.

The 240mm radiator with the dual fans is an optimized PWM fan. Install 2 apps using those, you can control the lighting and pumps and the fans for aesthetics and performance. Choose this best AIO cooler for 8700k if you want a decent performing, customizable AIO cooler, look no further.


  • Fully customizable.
  • Lighting, pumps and fans controlled via apps.
  • Intel i9-9900k all Core 5GHz ready.


  • The fan tends to get a bit louder.


If you have a good setup, trust me, you want to get yourself an AIO cooler. Do not worry about leakages and things like that. They rarely happen. AIO coolers have come a long way from back in the day.

Nowadays, people are using them inside their extremely expensive setups because, well, they work. There is no better way of keeping your CPU cool than investing in a decent performing AIO cooler and in this article, I mentioned the best AIO cooler for 8700k. I hope you were able to find one that suits your needs and budget. Thank you for reading!


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