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In this world of digitization, there is hardly anything that isn’t digitized, and so are pianos now. The best digital piano come with better-equipped technology and features like preset instrument voices, pre-loaded demo songs, record and playback, metronome, dual-mode and lots, and lots more.

These features help you create better music in a much simpler way. Some of the digital pianos even have LCD and LED displays to show you what is going on and if you require corrections. If you are a performing musician then capturing, mixing, and sound amplifying involves in choosing the right digital piano and its accessories. 

To get yourself the best digital piano or gift it to someone, you will need to consider a few aspects like the price, the portability, the size, the quality of sound, and of course the longevity of the digital piano.

The market offers you a wide array of choices to choose from, but to make it easier for you, I have taken up that mantle on ourselves.

Let us now have a look at the list of the best digital piano available at your disposal.



best digital piano

The fourth spot in this list of the best digital piano goes to the Alesis recital pro digital piano. The Alesis recital pro is equipped with 88 semi-weighted keys and is very budget-friendly. This digital piano can create a great piece of music and has features suitable for both beginners as well as professionals.

It features a touch response that enables you to control the level of the voice, depending on your playing strength. It is also noteworthy that, the keys have spring attached to them, which helps them come back as soon as you release the key. This digital piano also gives you an option to adjust the touch sensor according to your liking.

The digital piano has 12 built-in voices, which means it has got 6 instruments each with a couple of variations, the instruments are piano, electric piano, organ, harpsichord, synth, and acoustic bass. It consists of a set of 88 semi-weighted keys, which makes the piano at par with the professional ones and allowing you to make up to 128 notes using the digital piano. 

The Alesis Recital features a couple of built-in 20 Watt speakers, which are good enough for practice and also intimate gatherings. The piano has some great modes like the lesson mode and the layer mode.

The layer mode enables you to choose two different voices simultaneously and the piano will layer them together. The lesson mode splits the keyboard into two identical parts with the same voice and pitch, which is great for teachers.


  • Dimensions of 5.5 x 13.8 x 51.6 inches.
  • Weighing 32.6 pounds.
  • Semi-weighted 88 keys.
  • Built-in voices.


  • Great features like layer mode and lesson mode.
  • Can be operated using battery power.
  • High-quality piano tunes included.


  • Advanced users may not like its keys which aren’t fully hammered weighted.


best digital piano

The digital piano making it to the top of this list of the best digital piano is the RockJam 561 keyboard piano. The RockJam 561 is a full-sized 61 key keyboard piano which features an LCD screen, 100 keyboard sounds, and 100 rhythms with 50 demo songs as well, additionally, the best digital piano also has an LCD screen.

One of the best features of this digital piano is its record and play option of the keyboard. The keyboard has a wide array of sounds, for you to be able to create a great piece of music, record it and even play it back later.

The RockJam boasts an LCD screen, which makes sure you are right on track, it gives you the ability to see whatever you are playing and gives you instructions to make changes when required.

It has a fully integrated control panel and yet very easy to use. The control panel is great for beginners as it instructs which key to play while trying a demo song.

The keyboard gives you an array of sounds and demo songs and you will be spilled of choice with hundreds of sounds such as synth, organ, and piano. The control of the best digital piano is really easy and you can access it with the press of a single button.

The inbuilt speaker of the electric keyboard is another great addition. The RockJam comes with a padded seat, an X stand, and headphones.


  • Dimensions of 35.4 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches.
  • Weighing 19.84 pounds.
  • Record and playback.
  • 100 rhythms and 50 demo songs.


  • Hundreds of sounds and beats available.
  • Preloaded 50 demo songs.
  • Big LCD screen.


  • Only works with iPad.
  • No USB connection.


best digital piano

The Casio PX-770 digital home piano looks sleek and the cabinet has a wooden texture to it, which looks and feels nice. It features 3 pedals, sustains, soft, and sostenuto pedals like on an acoustic piano.

To cover the keys and protect it from dust, the piano has a built-in sliding cover. The digital piano comes with 88 key, fully weighted keyboard, with ivory and ebony key surfaces. The keyboard is called a Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. 

The keys are touch-sensitive, which means the force on the key will decide the volume of the note. The PX-770 uses the proprietary multi-dimensional morphing AIR Sound Source, which enhances the quality and richness of the sound.

It consists of a total of 19 instrument sounds, which include those of grand pianos, electronic pianos, organs, strings and much more. The PX-770 has a 128 note polyphony as well.

The piano consists of some great modes and features like dual-mode, four hand mode, split mode, metronome, duet play mode and a lot more. The built-in media library comprises of as many as 60 different songs. It comprises of 20.25-inch stereo jacks and a USB port to connect with other devices.


  • Dimensions of 11.8 x 54.5 x 31.4 inches.
  • Weighing 69.5 pounds.
  • AIR engine.
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard.


  • Affordable.
  • 2-track MIDI controller.


  • No audio recorder.


best digital piano

How can I ever have this list of best digital piano without a Yamaha piano? The Yamaha YDP-184R digital piano has 88 keys, and has a simple upright design to it making it an ideal choice for classrooms and living rooms.

It is a good fit for both beginners as well as professionals. The YDP-184 has a traditional design with a rich rosewood finish cabinet appearance that looks like an acoustic piano.

It has three pedals, which are positioned as like those in an acoustic piano. The digital piano uses ebony and ivory keys which don’t allow your fingers to slip through.

Yamaha uses the best technologies to get realistic acoustic sounds from its digital pianos. The YDP-184 comes with a 256 note polyphony which gives realism in resonance, multiple key velocity samples and pedal effect. To enhance the creation of a realistic soundboard, the digital piano uses VRM (virtual resonance modelling). 

The piano is equipped with 24 instrument sounds, which are easy to choose. It comes with graded hammer 3 action and with a couple of 60 Watt speakers. You can also connect your headphones or even external speakers with it. The digital piano gives you connectivity options like MIDI, AUX in (stereo), AUX out (L+R), USB port and AC adapter. 


  • Dimensions of 57.5 x 18.1 x 36.5 inches.
  • Weighing 180 pounds.
  • Full dot LCD display.
  • Graded hammer 3 action.


  • Easy to use.
  • Premium grand piano voice.
  • Sleek design.


  • Expensive.
  • Less features compared to premium high-end digital pianos.


best digital piano

The Korg LP380-88 digital piano is a digital energy-efficient piano, which doesn’t compensate on the quality of the sound, and is a great prospect for serious music students and musicians. The LP-380 consists of 88 keys and three pedals sets it apart from other digital pianos.

It has a sleek and slim design that can fit into any of your rooms easily and the wooden cover keeps the keys safe when you aren’t using the digital piano. The LP380 is equipped with real weighted hammer action 3 keyboards.

The LP-380 boasts the key touch control function, which allows you to choose from the three levels of customization, of the piano response to certain playing dynamics. The three pedals, which are, damper pedal, soft pedal, and sostenuto pedals, are already included.

The digital piano also features a built-in metronome, which enables you to adjust the volume, tempo, and time signature, enabling the metronome to conform to any piece of music selected.

When other digital pianos consume as much as 40 Watts to function, the Korg LP-380 consumes only up to 15 Watts without compromising on the levels and the quality of the sound produced.

The piano has a line out jack to connect it to other speakers, and the MIDI increases the digital accessibility of the digital piano.


  • Dimensions of 53.4 x 13.8 x 30.4 inches.
  • Weighing 81.6 pounds.
  • Real weighted hammer action 3.
  • Slim and stylish design.


  • Three standard pedals.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • MIDI connectivity.


  • Not portable.


best digital piano

You will not regret buying this beautiful piece of digital piano especially, when it at priced at such a reasonable rate. The Casio Privia PX-160BK digital piano comprises of 88 keys, and uses the Casio’s famous AIR (acoustic and intelligent resonator), and a superb tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard.

This digital piano consists of some world-class features including the ones in its predecessor the PX-150. This digital piano is a great prospect because it uses Casio’s proprietary sound source, the AIR (acoustic and intelligent resonator) produces grand piano sounds in the PX-160BK.

To its credit, the digital piano delivers the sound of up to a 9-foot concert grand at 4 dynamic levels. The digital piano is popular for its acoustic piano-like sounds, and the damper resonance is simulated by AIR for uncanny realism when the damper pedal is used.

The piano features Casio's famous tri-sensor scaled hammer action II keyboard as well as ebony and ivory textured non-slip keys, which ensure you get an incredible feel and the three sensors capture the dynamics of a performance with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

The keys are sensitive to the impact of your touch, and thus the lighter you press the keys, the lower the sound is produced.This digital piano boasts about its developed string ensemble sounds.

These strings sound great by themselves when layered with the PX-160BK's grand pianos, electric pianos, harpsichord and more. The digital piano has a couple of headphone outputs and 0.25 inch left and right line outputs on the rear panel. 


  • Dimensions of 11.5 x 52 x 5.5 inches.
  • Weighing 24.5 pounds.
  • AIR sound technology.
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard.


  • AIR sound technology.
  • Wide connectivity options.
  • Split and Layer capabilities.


  • No LCD display.


best digital piano

If you are looking for the digital piano with compact design, then take a look at Yamaha P71 digital piano, which is one of the best digital pianos on the list. This piano is a compact yet high-quality digital piano with fully weighted 88 keys, which will provide you with a feel of an acoustic piano.

The built is really elegant and the compact design always adds beauty to the piano. The piano is loaded with features that allow you to practice and play. The digital piano has an ability to use USB features to connect it with a range of applications that will help record, mix, playback, and practice as well as access other advanced features.

The P71 is lightweight, weighing only 25 pounds and is very portable. Thus, this digital piano is ideal for musicians to travel a lot. This digital piano truly gives you the feeling of an acoustic piano. The digital piano may not have all the features required for a professional but for beginners, it is an ideal choice.

This digital piano has a dual-mode which enables you to play a couple of different instruments at the same time, which is great for creative musicians. 

The Yamaha P71 digital piano has a lower price tag to it and also boasts up to 10 different piano voices, with great treble and rich bass. Yamaha’s AWM sound engine is solely responsible for such great quality of sound from the best digital piano.

This digital piano is very easy to use and connect using a USB, and thus it is highly recommended for beginners.


  • Dimensions of 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.7 inches.
  • Weighing 25 pounds.
  • Dual-mode.
  • USB connectivity.


  • Fully weighted keys.
  • Compact design.
  • Good connectivity options.


  • No recording feature.
  • No LED display.


best digital piano

Looking for digital piano for beginners? Then check out the aPerfectLife keyboard piano, which is the best digital piano made for kids of age 5 to 10 years old. This digital keyboard is certified by CPC children and conforms to the RoHS safety certification.

It helps your child with significant musical skills such as hand-eye coordination, music theory and fine motor skills. The digital piano has 61 keys, comes with 16 instrument tones, 10 rhythms, 6 demo songs and 8 percussion instruments. This digital piano is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and is completely safe for your children.

The digital piano is powered by four 1.5 Volt AA batteries or by inserting the DC connector of the USB power cord to the power jack of the keyboard. The piano is also equipped with a U-disk socket using which you can insert the U-disk and play the songs you want to.

The piano has decent sound quality, and the keyboard can play a wide range of rhythms, tones, and melodies. The versatile piano can be your child’s perfect mate and it helps them to achieve the musical dreams of them.


  • Dimensions of 25 x 8 x 2.8 inches.
  • Weighing 2.65 pounds.
  • Multifunction 61 keys piano.
  • CPC children certified.


  • CPC and RoHS certified.
  • Versatile piano for kids.


  • Only for kids or beginners.


best digital piano

For those of you who are looking for the best digital piano at an affordable price, then check out the Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano. This digital piano is the second product from Yamaha in this list and is part of Yamaha’s exclusive Arius series of digital pianos.

This digital piano is equipped with 88 graded hammer standard keys, which aims at copying the feels of an acoustic keyboard. The GHS system requires a heavier touch at the low end of the keyboard,and a lighter touch at the high end. To provide you with stable playing surface the black keys of the digital piano comprise of a special matte finish.

The YDP-103 comprises of 10 voices and these come from the Yamaha’s wide range of instruments and pianos. But the quality of the sound is what pulls it back towards the end of this list.

The piano has only 64 polyphony, that means each note will ring much lesser than other products in the list. The piano features advanced wave memory stereo sampling instead of the advance Pure CF sampling.

All the digital pianos of this Arius series come with iOS compatibility and with the help of a standard USB cord, you can always connect the digital piano to your device.


  • Dimensions of 53.4 x 32.1 x 16.6 inches.
  • Weighing 115.5 pounds.
  • Advanced wave memory stereo sampling.
  • 88 graded hammer standard keys.


  • Affordable.
  • Dual-mode.
  • Works with your smart devices


  • Not portable.


best digital piano

Casio Privia PX-160 is an upgraded version of the legendary great Casio PX-150. It comes with 88 keys, a hammer action keyboard and simulated ebony and ivory keys. This incredible digital piano is user friendly and great for both professionals as well as amateurs.

The digital piano is equipped with a triple pedal system, a sleek black finish along with a speaker system that gives the piano a magnificent look. It has a tri-sensor key which enables you to get a more accurate response while playing the keys. It also comes with a CS-67 stand and an SP-33 pedal.

The PX-160 keyboard is fully weighted, which means it gives the feeling of an acoustic piano. The keys are sensitive to the impact of your touch, and thus the lighter you press the keys, the lower the sound is produced. The main sound source of the piano is the acoustic and intelligent resonator which produces incredibly great sound.

The acoustics are produced by two round speakers which are responsible for the deep, heavy sound. This digital piano is very versatile, it can produce sounds of instruments like harpsichords, organs and electric pianos with sound effects such as split, layer, duet and octave shift.

This digital piano has the ability to produce up to 128 notes at the same time. It has several useful modes and features like dual-mode, split mode, duo mode, playback and recording. It also has 50 built-in preset songs. It has a couple of headphone mini-jacks and comes with a USB port for connectivity.


  • Dimensions of 23 x 60 x 17 inches.
  • Weighing 90 pounds.
  • 128 note polyphony.
  • Perfect hammer action.


  • 128 note polyphony.
  • Realistic tri-sensor hammer action.
  • Uses Casio’s AIR sound technology.


  • No LCD display.
  • Could be even better off with sustain pedals.



Digital pianos are available at a low price of a few hundred dollars. High-end digital pianos are very expensive. If you are on a budget, then do the research and choose the one that fits your budget and expectations.

If you are a beginner you might hesitate to invest so much on a digital piano. You may think like what if the one you but doesn't go well with you? So it is better that you start with a cheap digital piano.


If you are planning to place your digital piano at your home, then it must not be too heavy. Also, it must be compact in size to fit in your environment. 


The keys can influence the overall performance of the instrument. So it is important to consider the number of keys on a digital piano keyboard. Most of the digital piano has three types of key sets, 66, 72 or 88 keys. If you are a beginner, then you can buy a piano with 66-keys. But you will need to upgrade keys when you develop your skills.


This was my list of the best digital piano. For you to make an informed buying decision, I have described each product with its main features and advantages. I hope this list will help you choose amongst the best digital piano according to your liking.


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