Best Drone Flight Controller For FPV Racing

Have you ever wondered what makes a perfect drone? There are dozens of processors and several components in this technical world. In that case, a flight controller is one of the essential things on the list to make a perfect drone. 

Best Drone Flight Controller

The drone flight controller is a contact point between the device and the user which means the information that you feed into the transmitter will be conveyed to the drone with the help of the flight controller.

In this blog, I've listed the top and best drone flight controller. So, if you are looking for the best one, then pick the right one from the below given list.





  • Comes with 3 axis Gyroscope, Magnetometer, and Accelerometer.
  • High-performance barometer.
  • Monolithic integrated circuit to provide energy support to the users.
  • Anti-vibration module with a shock absorber.
QWinOut APM 2.8 - best drone flight controller

QWinOut APM with its in-built compass and the shock absorber aircraft comes as another best drone flight controller in this list. This flight controller is the updated version of V2.52 which eliminates the 1.0mm 6p Sm06b GPS interface and shifted to Df13-4p compass with i2c external interface.

The QWinOut multi-copter FC is placed with the Df13-5p GPS interface. This feature is more convenient for the users to connect the GPS via the external compass which can be used for multiple purposes. The back pad of the controller can be freely configured with the function output.

Also, it comes with the UART0, UART1, i2C, OSD default, and optional interface. On avoiding the older version, you can easily use both the transmission data and OSD whenever you need. To do this, you need a y-line that separates the interface.

It features top entry pins for attaching the connectors vertically and the side entry pins can be connected to either end horizontally. It has 4 MegaByte Dataflash chips on the board for automatic data logging.

The flight controller's in-build GPS module is fast and can be compatible with the APM serial port and i2c port. It includes a round plastic shell, flash, and pre-configuration setup.


  • Easy to stabilize all the settings.
  • The APM suits all kinds of open-source flight controllers.
  • Easy to connect 6-pos DF13 cable to AMP directly.


  • Has only basic stability controls.




  • STM 32 bit processor.
  • Naze 32 soft serial.
  • SBUS receiver directly from Naze32 flight controller via UART2 port.
  • GPS module to use enhanced flight mode.
  • PWM input support.
FPVDrone Naze32 Rev6 10DOF Version - best drone flight controller

If you are looking for the best drone flight controller with best battery life, then FPV drone Naze32 Revision 6 is the perfect one for you. This drone controller comes with the IMU sensors that are upgraded to MPU 6500 from the MPU 6050 of the Rev 5 version. 

The receiver controller doesn't have solder pads instead it comes with the common pinhole headers. The pins are compatible with all accessories of the board like OSD.

The integrated SBUS inverter of the board can now help you to connect the FRsky SBUS receiver without any extra inverters. Additionally, it is equipped with flash memory which allows you to use the BlackBox to record directly.

Further, with its Acro version, you can get 2MB and a full version with 16MB. Also, the USB port of the controller has moved to the right position hence you don't need to mount the board.

You should keep in mind that the FRsky Telemetry pins are used to share the UART 1 TX that is shared via the USB port. In case, if your board is connected to your PC through the USB, then you don't need to use the UART 1 port.


  • Better battery life.
  • In-built Frsky telemetry converter.
  • Onboard USB configuration.


  • A common error occurs in PW//m failsafe.




  • Comes with a three-wire servo.
  • Micro-SD card, 2 mounting foam, and safety switches.
  • Compatible with the OSD Telemetry module of Radiolink.
  • MPU 6000 3-axis accelerometer/gyroscope
PIXHAWK - best drone flight controller

Radiolink PIXHAWK is the top and best drone flight controller on our list, which is designed based on its original functions like 3DR PIX. This controller board is the technical development that redesigned the PIX circuit with innovation.

The Anti-static of the board from SMT to welding, the chips, sensors, and processors provide you a dust-free environment to the users. Further, it reduces the mutual interference with its internal components and achieves noiseless control with sager and accurate compass for the players.

Along with these, the board comprises the top configurations like 168MHz, 256 KB RAM, and 2MB Flash. Also, it includes ST Micro LSM303D 14 bit accelerometer and ST micro L3GD20H 16-bit gyroscope for you. Furthermore, it is equipped with the MEAS barometer, MPU 6000 3 axis gyroscope, and accelerometer.

Additionally, there is no complication when you are about to set the mission planner from the Radiolink whenever you need the flash firmware. It is also easy to set up and eliminates the calibration and installation process to make the DIY racing drone.

The mission planner of the controller board can be downloaded from the official site to debug. Also, the board's pix feature uses a long wheelbase quadcopter and 6 to 8 axis multirotor to stabilize and hold the flight modes.


  • Open-source.
  • Durable build.
  • 4G connected self-flying.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Excellent Performance


  • Hard to set up for beginners.




  • CPU: STM32F411CEU6 (100MHz).
  • Comes with MPU-6000 triaxial accelerometer and triaxial gyroscope.
  • Firmware version: Betaflight_marekf411rx_4.0.0.
  • In-built Betaflight OSD chip.
  • 55mm Power Cable.
  • Size: 26mm x 26mm.
BETAFPV 2S  - best drone flight controller

The BETA FPV is the best drone flight controller, which is suitable for a lighter whoop drone. This drone controller looks similar to Beta65 Pro 2 and Beta75 Pro2. This brushless controller is also integrated with the Betaflight OSD, Betaflight F41 processor, 1-2S 5A ESC, and SPI Frsky receiver.

This drone controller comes in lightweight to provide a faster flying experience. The in-built SPI Frsky receiver of this controller can be compatible with Taranis Plus, Taranis, X9E, Horus X12S, and XJT modules. Mind you, as this is an SPI receiver, while configuring, you should set it as a FRSKY_D receiver or a FRSKY_X receiver.

This drone flight controller comes with an in-built ESC with 5A and peak 6A to support the BLHeliSuite. Also, it provides signal support like D-shot150, D-shot300, Oneshot125, Multi-shot, and PWM.

The binding procedure of this flight controller is reversed and hence there is no need to hold the bind button when switching on. You can switch on the board either by connecting USB or via battery. By doing this, the green receiver LED will begin to flash. Now, you should hold the bind button for 3 seconds till the green LED becomes solid.

In Bind mode, the receiver LED will be Solid GREEN state. When it is not connected, the receiver LED will be in a Flashing GREEN state. When the Power is ON, the LED will be in Solid BLUE and when the motors are armed, the LED will result in Solid RED.


  • More versatile when compared to F3 boards.
  • Integrated galvanometer.
  • Bind modes.


  • Documentation issues.




  • Offers STM32 F405 MCU with Dshot support.
  • Equipped with a Secure Digital memory card and BMP280 Barometer.
  • MPU6000 6 Axis SPI Gyroscope, and Accelerometer.
  • Betaflight configurator.
  • Support Smart audio v2. 
  • LED strip and buzzer port.
  • Size: 36 x 36mm.
WonVon F4 V3  - best drone flight controller

Holding the second place in this list the Wonvon is slightly on the expensive side but its features are worth the price. It mounts 30.5 x 30.5mm hole position with the external shape of 36 x 36mm. This controller board comes with an integrated 5V 1A BEC which is compatible with BF CF firmware.

The F4 V3 flight controller is equipped with an F4 chip that supports the drone with 32K speed. This supports digital signal ESC running SHOTS at high running speed. These running speeds will bring better effects to your flight.

Also, it offers powerful computing speed and power for the players for stable, smooth, and safe handling. The firmware and direct integration of the controller board are compatible with OSD programs that don't need players to rewrite the OSD data. Along with these, this flight controller is reserved with a PWM port and multi-port settings.

Furthermore, all the aspects of OSD meet the requirements like battery voltage, flight time, speed, and other parameters that are necessary for playing. However, its setup will be simple and convenient for users with its various personalized settings.

The integrated 5V BEC of the controller board will support the direct input power with its diversified wiring and installation process. However, when using the PPM or SBUS receiver, it is essential to connect the jumper next to the upper pad to detect the SBUS or PPM signal.


  • Many UART ports.
  • Flexible than the older version.
  • In-built barometer sensor.


  • Expensive.




  • In-build OSD with double 5V or 2.5A BEC circuit.
  • It comes with the Twins IC2689.
  • The Gyro fusion is used to blend the data from the twin gyro.
  • Comes with 5 UART, 32 Mb BlackBox, and 8 motor outputs.
  • The power supply of the FC is 2-6S.
iFlight SucceX F7 TwinG - best drone flight controller

This best drone flight controller comes with the wireless connectivity i.e. TwinG Bluetooth. This iFlight F7 is the NEXT-GEN drone flight controller which comes with 8 motor outputs, 5 UARTS, 32 MB Blackbox, and a powerful F7 processor.

Further, it features integrated Bluetooth through which you can optimize or configure the HR. This can be done via the SpeedyBee app which is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

Alongside the board's clean and intuitive layout, the iFlight SucceX F7 makes the installation process breeze with its 4-pin connector for VTX. The 8-pin connector of the F7 controller will also allow you for the simple plug and play connection with its four one ESC.

However, the true magic of this drone flight controller lies in its Twin Gyro configuration system. This flight controller uses two identical Gyros side-by-side with an offset. Furthermore, the Betaflight controller uses Gyro Fusion that merges the average data from both Gyros to send a clear signal to its PID loop of the device.

The software filters of this Betaflight board can be lowered and results in a significant reduction. Also, with much processing power and UART, this iFlight SucceX F7 is perfect for long-range GPS builds.


  • Easy to handle.
  • 2-6S electronic speed controller.
  • It offers Twin Gyro Bluetooth control.
  • Lots of UART ports.


  • No flashing.




  • CPU: STM32 F405 MCU.
  • Equipped with 5 UART ports.
  • 8V BEC and LC Filter for its camera and VTX power.
  • Controller board is directly powered from 2-6S Lipo.
  • Size: 36 x 36mm.
Airbot Omnibus AIO F4 V6 - best drone flight controller

Looking for an affordable one? Omnibus AIO with a best selection of sensors and parts comes at a good price.


The latest addition in the Omnibus series is the F4 V6 flight controller. This controller board uses the performance of STM32 F405 MCU, F4 MPU60000, or ICM-20608 IMU over SPI to provide super fast gyroscope updates for up to 32KHz.

To maintain it with the fast F4 MCU, the controller allows you to instantly run the Betaflight or iNav control loop. This will provide you with an enhanced edge when racing with your FPV quadcopter.

Further, the controller comes with the AB7456 OSD chip, which is an upgraded version of MAX7456. This OSD chip allows you direct updation and configuration within the Betaflight board. This chip consumes less power when compared to the older MAX7456 OSD chip.

However, the main advantage of using this OSD chip is, it can be directly configured within the Betaflight board without adding an external jumper or FTDI switches. Additionally, the omnibus F4 V6 controller integrates high performance with a 5V, 1.5A STM L78 voltage regulator that helps the users filter the power and include voltage protection to the controller board.


  • Noiseless Gyro reading.
  • 2-6S lipo input and damped light.
  • Supports Dshot or Oneshot or Multishot PWM.


  • No PPM input support.




  • CPU: SPI Gyro MPU6000 or ICM-20608.
  • Equipped with the F4 processor, Barometer BMP280.
  • In-build current sensor and on-board video filter.
  • SmartAudio V2 through J10.
WonVon F4 V3 ProBeataflight - best drone flight controller

The F4 V3 Pro is the upgraded version of the omnibus F4 flight controller. This best drone flight controller comes with SD card support to the users. Also, it comes with the 5C 3A BEC, VTX, LC filter for Camera, and in-built current or voltage sensor for high integration.

Further, the design of the controller comes with 35 x 35mm with AIO boards. One of the essential things is, the board is designed based on the community standards and allows a clean build by its pinhole connections.

This board uses a more powerful STM F4 processor for a faster loop and also has loveable things like an OSD module, low noise IMU via SPI, voltage sensor, and current. Further, the new V3 Pro is equipped with a SmartAudio V2 controller through a J10 connector. This helps you to control the VRX like TBS unify through its OSD menu bar.

This controller board comes with the PPM input. If you have any trouble in getting the flight control to recognize the PPM receiver, you need to enable the GUI RX_serial and turn on the UART3. Now, save and reboot the flight controller and reselect the RX_PPM on the GUI and Flight Controller.


  • Very responsive.
  • Current sensing.
  • Supports customized LED.
  • In-build OSD.


  • Hard to troubleshoot PPM.




  • CPU: STM32F722 MCU.
  • Integrated with 50A 3-6S Belheli Dshot brushless ESC.
  • Compatible with the SpeedyBee application.
  • Includes BlackBox, 16M flash memory.
Diatone Mamba F722S - best drone flight controller

Diatone Mamba F722S is the best drone flight controller that comes with 4 in 1 ESC in the marketplace. There are two versions of this flight controller. One is the Mini stack with 20 x 20 mm and the other one is the Super stack with 30.5 x 30.5 mm.

Both these stacks are capable of 6S. But, in general, the Mini stack should contain a 4S build. However, these two stacks are integrated with ultra-light racing and 30 A drone which is commonly known as freestyle quads.

This F722S stack flight controller comes with the MPU 6000 gyroscope that helps you to reduce the noise and oscillation when using the drone. Besides, this flight controller is equipped with a soft-mount on the top of the 4 in 1 ESC. Additionally, it comes with a PCB that displays FC solder points to save you time.

Also, it uses a Flight control protector on the top of the board to mount anything like a radio receiver or VTX. Furthermore, the Flight controller is designed with the plastic header connector to connect the 4 in 1 ESC with the ribbon cable. The pins will also be broken to the solder pad when you wish to connect the direct solder to the ESCs.


  • Supports Dshot 1200.
  • Current sensing.
  • ESC Telemetry.


  • Lacks in the input.




  • MCU with 216MHz STM32F722RET6 (32 Bit).
  • Blackbox with 16M Flash Memory.
  • Support SpeedyBee application.
  • Supply: 3-6S Lipo.
Diatone Mamba F722 - best drone flight controller

Diatone Mamba F722/F50 Pro is the final pick on our list. It is the best drone flight controller that comes with the OSD 5 or 9V 2A BEC. This drone controller board is designed with the 50A 3-6S Blheli_32 Dshot brushless ESC.

This Mamba Betaflight controller is configured with the 216MHz STM32F722RET MCU (32 bit), BlackBox with 16M Flash memory, in-built Bluetooth with SpeedyBee application, and various LED statuses.

It comes with the LED connectors that brighten up the quadcopter. Further, it comes with additional features like an inverted dual-way TX serial port, i2C pads, 2812 LED switch to turn off the LED whenever you need it.

Overall, it has a stunning look when compared to other stack flight controllers. The controller board's capability is endless and comes with the LED ports on all four corners of the device. The Bluetooth feature of this board is the king of this stack; hence you will not regret getting yourself a stack flight controller.


  • Powerful.
  • Reliable.
  • Current sensing.


  • Expensive.


In this article, I have listed out some of the best drone flight controllers. Even if you are a beginner or a professional, these best drone flight controllers list has got you covered. Most of them are easy to assemble and fits your budget also. I hope this best drone flight controller list helped you to assemble your drone.


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