Best Gaming Wrist Rest For Keyboard And Mouse

Now that you're already here, you must be aware of what you're looking for, but what brought you here? Perhaps during these vigorous typing and gaming sessions, those wrists of yours have longed for the best gaming wrist rest to ensure the highest possible responsiveness.

best gaming wrist rest

Keyboard utility is the source of our reviews on today's technological gizmos, so we cannot remove it from our lives no matter how hard we strive to prevent the unnecessary use of keyboards.

Desperate times, therefore, need desperate measures, so the first go-to peripherals for keyboards are the best gaming wrist rest pads to prevent any kind of long-term consequences for sticking to the keyboard a lot. So, below are some of the best options selected for you, so that you can get the best wrist pad according to your needs.





  • Easy to clean by Wet Wipe.
  • Ergonomic design to relieve wrist pain.
  • Made of super soft material.
  • Non-skid rubber foundation for providing heavy grip.
  • The quality of wrist rest is firm.
  • Designed for a full-sized keyboard.
  • Stain-resistant material.
Gimars - best gaming wrist rest

This wrist rest by Gimars is an utter workhorse, although it might not look like that. Built for gamers as well as casual users, its ergonomic nature is specifically tailored to alleviate wrist pain associated with typing. Gimars designed this wrist-rest to be used with a full-size keyboard, but it can be used with any desktop keyboard if you don't mind wasting space.

First and foremost, the smooth outside covering is built for comfort. The stain-resistant material ensures that it will not become a hassle to clean. The base is made of an anti-slip gel, as normal, and Gimars went a step ahead and added a small stick, especially to keep it flat. The absence of anti-fray stitching, however, calls into question the reliability of the wrist rest.

Gimars aims to create a more friendly computing experience with breathable, soft memory foam. The interior of the mouse wrist rest consists of gel, which some gamers can feel impedes their success in games involving a lot of mouse movement.

Overall, this is the best gaming wrist rest for those finding comfort and pain relief on a budget. Those who use a desktop computer for everyday activities are well equipped, but gamers would only see an improvement in output if they are already hampered by wrist pain.


  • Comes with a mouse wrist rest.
  • Super light.
  • Affordable price.
  • Exceptional support for typing.
  • Anti-slip gel base side.


  • The arm wrist foam loses its shape after long use




  • The ventilation channel helps in keeping hands dry.
  • Soft gel padding to match natural curves of the wrist.
  • Relieve discomforts after hours of typing.
  • Stays firmly in one place.
  • Easy-to-clean surface.
  • Lightweight.
Kensington -best gaming wrist rest

The Kensington is specifically built with tiny keyboards in mind, making sure it doesn't waste any room. You won't need to make any improvements to your current workflow with a lightweight, slim profile. Unfortunately, for certain mechanical keyboards and gaming laptops, it might be too slim.

The primary objective of Kensington is comfort and ease of use. Combined with a cushioned gel interior, a soft faux leather exterior promotes an enjoyable typing experience while also offering adequate support. Where your thumbs rest, the distinctive contoured form often creates more padding, which is where it matters most.

And as always, the backing is reinforced with non-skid material even though it is of lower quality. Furthermore, anywhere you can need it, the Kensington wrist rest can be conveniently taken with you: work meetings, an airplane, and the dining room table. And it can comfortably fit in any bag or backpack at less than half an inch thick.

Essentially, if you use a laptop and consider yourself a casual user who only wants something to get the work done, the Kensington is the best gaming wrist rest for you.


  • Perfect for laptops.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Compact and slim design.
  • Gel padding.


  • Bit pricey than its competitors.




  • Anti-slip grip for stability.
  • Anti-stain principle to avoid any kind of damage.
  • Edges have anti-fray stitching to enhance the item.
  • Quality construction with anti-fray stitching.
  • Provides long-lasting comfort session.
  • Dark textured fabric.
  • Minimalistic design.
 HyperX - best gaming wrist rest

HyperX Wrist Rest has a fairly minimalist but elegant design as it features a dark textured fabric that can add to the robust outlook while retaining the robust grip you might expect from it.

The textured fabric is also designed to avoid any kind of cosmetic damage to the product since it is an anti-stain principle that ensures that any stain that might affect the pad can be wiped away in an instant to ensure longevity. The rubber underside has been textured with remarkable precision as it helps the pad be slip-resistant even during vigorous wrist motions. 

The edges have anti-fray red-hued stitching that prevents the pad from fraying and also enhances the item overview as the red and black theme sums up a pretty neat look while retaining the HyperX persona with its sharp text engraved on the pad.

The efficiency is as impressive as the build quality, as it boasts the Cool Gel-infused Memory Foam technology of HyperX, which consists of a cooling gel layer that covers the inner side of memory foam. To prevent any scratching or pain, the gel works to keep your wrists cool under variable temperatures.

Although the pad size is suitable for all kinds of full-size keyboards, there might still be a difference in the overall product measurements as it is significantly shorter than most traditional wrist rests from third parties.

However, this can also help anyone who runs low on space, but this will also be adequate for any full-sized keyboard within its specified form factor, given the comprehensive nature of full-sized keyboards.

Given its price and features, this can prove an ideal purchase to opt for if you are looking for the best gaming wrist rest.


  • Cool Memory Foam Infused with Gel.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Underside textured rubber.
  • Anti-Fray stitching.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Shorter wrist rests than those from third parties.




  • Anti-slip rubber foundation.
  • Matches with most mechanical keyboards.
  • Dual stitched frame to prevent fraying of clothes.
  • High-quality foam core interior for providing firmness.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Provides top-notch gaming performance.
  • Waterproof construction material.
 Glorious - best gaming wrist rest

The Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad is certainly as glorious as the name would suggest, as it has a textured cloth layout and a heavy abrasive feeling on the side.

This not only adds a luxury look but also ensures that this can be the best companion to go for via a keyboard that needs fluid movements in terms of top-notch gaming performance and, more importantly, some help to base that fluidity on. This involves an anti-fray stitched dual lock feature that uses two locking mechanisms to ensure long-lasting stability and anti-fraying stitches over the years to come.

The construction material of the wrist rest contains a washable material by hand. This also enforces a waterproof property on it, so no worry is required in the event of any drops or spills because you can clean them off instantly. A traditional non-skid rubber base is included in the base, strengthening the pad's grip to avoid slipping.

Another special aspect that distinguishes the glorious Gaming's wrist rest is that it comes with many versions. The thickness is the only prominent distinction. The slim one measure 13 mm and the standard one goes all the way to 25 mm.

The slim profile is best if you do not use a mechanical keyboard or if you like to let your wrist hover a little above the keyboard, and if you are more inclined to type at a certain angle or want to prevent your wrist from swinging, the standard one will increase your performance.

When considering its longevity and well-built promising consistency that makes it stand out from the crowd, this wrist rest can be your best gaming wrist rest for your next keyboard companion.


  • Great support.
  • Hand Washable.
  • Non-skid foundation for rubber.
  • Accessible in several variants of thickness.
  • Ultra-Lightweight.


  • Medium firmness.




  • Plush leatherette cushion for long-lasting comfort.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet for a stronghold.
  • Ergonomic design to get an optimized hand resting position.
  • Cushion mounted on a slight slope.
  • Compatible with all full-sized keyboards.
  • Provides full comfort in gaming.
  • Solid and seamless design.
  • Easy in cleaning as it is waterproof.
Razer - best gaming wrist rest

The take on a wrist rest by Razer is squarely in line with the uniqueness for which the firm is known. The ergonomic wrist rest by Razer features a simplistic design and a logo that is easy to overlook, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any PC configuration.

It comes with an exterior of plush artificial leather, which is the first that we have seen so far. Cleaning with a normal cloth is very simple, with the bonus of being waterproof. While you can choose to opt for the cooling memory foam, all this is wrapped around a standard memory foam interior.

With this wrist rest, Razer once again distinguishes itself from the crowd by putting rubber feet on the bottom of the wrist rest instead of making the whole base out of rubber. The cushion is also mounted on a slight slope, directly up to any full-sized keyboard matching the wrist rest's front edge.

Razer opted not to use anti-fray stitching, but the edging and material appear to be long-lasting enough to hold up. But there are certainly better possibilities out there because of its higher price tag. Razer fans, or people who particularly like strange computer gadgets, are those who can get the most pleasure out of this wrist rest.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good quality.
  • Waterproof.
  • Rubber feet at the bottom.


  • Expensive.




  • Perfect for long gaming sessions.
  • Non-skid rubber base to prevent it from sliding.
  • Fit for most gaming mouse pads.
  • Best for people with wrist problems.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Hand Washable.
Aelfox - best gaming wrist rest

Aelfox Memory Foam Wrist Rest comes with medical memory foam and this does not mean that it is only related to wrist disoriented patients. Still, the plus point of this pad is that it can help people who are already struggling with these problems and promote user prevention so that they can have a healthy keyboard experience.

The well-conceived architecture of the foam guarantees a smooth experience along with inclinations on both sides. Depending on personal preferences, the places can be switched, and the minimalistic style gives it a more realistic look. In addition to slowly increasing thickness, the rubbery base ensures an anti-slip feature that can help your wrist place itself and travel around conveniently.

A bonus prospect of this acquisition will be that a keyboard wrist rest and a mouse wrist rest are included in the kit. In terms of appearance and material quality, the mouse wrist rest is similar and also performs equally well when put to the test during realistic daily use.

With its affordability, versatility, and practicality, Aelfox performs to satisfy the crowd, so if you're looking for a structured and full keyboard/mouse solution, this is certainly the best gaming wrist rest for you.


  • Medical memory foam.
  • Rubbery foundation with a slow rising thickness.
  • Wrist rest along with gaming mice.
  • Minimalistic design.


  • Foam is sensitive to temperature.




  • Support your hands to reduce muscle strain.
  • Made up of premium memory foam.
  • The perfect height of massage pad.
  • More compact and soft cushioning pad.
  • Non-slip silicone foundation.
  • The underside is made of plastic.

Add a touch of décor to your workspace by buying one of our mouse pads with wrist rests, while also giving your tired wrists some much-needed support. Consider buying a custom mouse pad for a technologically savvy friend after you've made one for yourself.

The top of these customizable mouse pads is made of rubber, while the underside is made of plastic. There are rubber feet on the back of these mouse mats to stop any slippage when in operation. The lower part of the electronic mouse pad is occupied by padded wrist support made of plush memory foam.

Your personalized template is written on this mat's face with the remaining sides and support parts colored in black. So, if your wrist rest mouse pad ever gets dirty, clean gently with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Thus, this might be the best gaming wrist rest for you if you are tech-savvy or want something different in aesthetics.


  • Available in customized design.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Suitable size and lightweight.
  • Has perfect height for the typist.


  • Doesn't have a good texture.




  • Smooth to the touch as made up of low friction cloth.
  • Extreme comfort, which decreases physical exhaustion.
  • A water-resistant coating that prevents unpleasant smells.
  • Long-term stability, as the foundation is made of rubber.
  • Perfectly fits the MasterKeys keyboards.
Cooler Master

A luxury accessory, the WR530 Wrist Rest is specifically built for MasterKeys keyboards. This improves your performance, with soft cushioning that redistributes your wrist's weight for extended comfort.

The rest is made up of low-friction fabric with an anti-irritation and anti-odor water-resistant coating, while a rubberized foundation avoids slipping so that your wrists remain secure during even the longest wars. So, this might be the best gaming wrist rest for such individuals who work on their laptops for a long time.


  • Affordable price.
  • Durable for a long time.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Enhances performance.


  • Looks little messy.




  • Comfortable and elastic support to the wrist.
  • Have a groove design to fit your hands better.
  • Anti-slip rubber base to provide a reliable grip.
  • Suitable for office workers and game enthusiasts.
  • Durable foundation.

With a curved shape that guarantees good support for your hands, this is the best wrist rest. You will not feel any muscle strain, due to its soft surface. The top layer is made of PU leather, which feels very good to touch.

The anti-slip foundation is made of rubber, so your desk won't fall on it. To make a wrist rest that does not weigh much, but can retain your wrist's shape perfectly, the producers used memory foam material. For most PCs and notebooks, this wrist pad for a keyboard can be used.

The foundation is reasonably robust. Gamers would appreciate that all their peripherals will not slip despite any sudden movements that they may produce. You will enjoy the good feeling that memory foam gives and will barely note any signs of muscle strain. This waist-shaped gaming rest gives more comfy feel. It also guarantees that you can maintain a straight stance that is useful for your well-being.


  • Soft but durable padding.
  • Great size for big size keyboard.
  • Comfortable, does not slide.


  • The top layer is too thin.




  • Uses premium quality memory foam.
  • Cushion helps in maintaining proper wrist alignment.
  • Zero slip and anti-curling design.
  • Hand washable.
  • Perfect height for most mechanical keyboards.

Redragon has been making its way to the world's top gaming brands and has so far been popular with its impressive range of gaming solutions. In this case, the P022 Wrist Rest is no exception because it features true wrist fit memory foam and relieves pressure points with its ergonomic design that can add to your level of comfort during extensive use.

It also comes bundled with the added benefit of being washable so that it is only a wash away to restore it to its former glory and it will be brand new without any dirt or stains. The washable fabric's design standard is also given a waterproof coating so that it is easy to clean away any kind of exterior stains or the remains of your snacks.

Nevertheless, when combined with your keyboard, it is a well-balanced pad and does not disappoint in make-up and comfort.


  • Memory foam with perfect wrist fit.
  • Pressure point relief.
  • Washable with a waterproof coating to prevent stains.
  • Silicon textured grip for added firmness.


  • The surface is not very smooth.


So, these are our top 10 best gaming wrist rest that you can buy without any problems for a better and comfortable gaming experience. But, if among these ten you're confused, then here's my recommendation to go with 'Gimars' or 'HyperX' because both of them are very cool and I've used them personally.


Hey, this is Martin from San Diego. I am a tech enthusiast and I love to test and review all the gadgets. I have reviewed 100s of products in my lifetime. I just want to ensure our readers to buy the best product for the money they spend.

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