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A best headphones under 20 are small gadgets but with time they have taken their place as an integral part of almost everyone’s lives. If you want to get a break from your chaotic life and everything that is happening around, just plug-in your headphone, connect it to your device and play some soothing music. 


If you want to watch a movie but don’t want to disturb anyone else in the room, get yourself a headphones and watch the movie, without disturbing anyone. Not just for movies, games, and music, headphones also allow you to go for hand-free calling, which enables you to multi-task. Headphones can also be considered as a gate-way out of your busy life.

Headphones come with different features and different price ranges across various types, shapes, and sizes. The on-ear headphones feature closed designs that make them less prone to overheating your ears and these headphones are suitable for streaming online. But, the in-ear headphones are ultra-compact and provide you with mediocre to great isolation from external noise. Headphones can also be categorized as wired and wireless headphones.

There are loads of headphones available in the market, but here we’ll be focusing only on the headphones that are available under 20. Let us now have a look at the list of the best headphones under 20 along with their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

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Buying a best headphones at this price with noise cancellation feature is a big steal. The Ailihen C8 headphones are a great pair of headphones that come with an inexpensive price tag, an impressive design, and an immaculate sound output.

The headphones give you a lot of options, color-wise, and boast some great features like foldable design and hands-free talking. The headphones have a trendy and sleek design, but no leave no stone unturned to provide you with utmost comfort. The headband has soft padding and the headphones come with ear cushions to give you comfort.

Cheap headsets come with cheap parts, as expected with the price tag, and consist of plastic parts, which are painted to give a metallic finish. But, the 3.5mm jack is gold plated that provides better protection and doesn’t break even from numerous accidental falls. The adjustable hinges give you better flexibility for a perfect fit, and it helps you to use your headphones for a prolonged period.

The headphones can be carried easily because of the collapsible design, which enables you to fold your headphones into almost half of the original size. These sturdy headphones come with a 47-inch braided cord, made up of high-quality material. The C8 also includes a 3.5mm cord that enables you to connect it with every device which is compatible with 3.5mm jack.

The Ailihen C8 consists of three buttons that are a multi-functionality button and a couple of volume buttons. The multi-functionality button is used for several purposes like Music play/stop, next songs, and previous song, answering calls, and hanging up.

The C8 provides you with microphone support and hands-free calling as well. The headphones come with a good sound quality featuring exquisite bass and treble. It also features noise cancellation that will eliminate extra disturbing noises which helps you enjoy your music easily.


  • Dimensions of 7.6 x 6.69 x 3.23 inches.
  • Weighing 6.4 ounces.
  • Widely compatible.
  • Collapsible feature.


  • Sturdy design.
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Noise cancellation feature


  • It can’t be used for a longer period of time.


best headphones under 20

Next up in my list of the best headphones under 20 comes the Panasonic RP-HT161-K over-ear headphones. The Panasonic RP-HT161-K headphones are a pair of over-ear headphones, with a black colored matte body finish, powered by 30mm neodymium drivers.

The headphones can handle power inputs of up to a maximum limit of 1000mW, which makes the headphones powerful in the bass department. Not just that, the headphone is also great in the midrange and treble registers. The headphones are equipped with soft and plush-padded earpads that provide the utmost comfort and the headphones have a frequency response of 10Hz to 27kHz.

Due to the low price tag, the headphones have plastic parts, but this doesn’t compromise on the quality of sound produced. The build quality of the headphones isn’t great as they are light-weight and the frames feel low cost and flimsy. The small earcups provide good isolation to your ears so that you can listen to whatever you want on the headphones peacefully, but these headphones can’t be used while jogging or jumping.

The non-detachable cable with the headphones is long and with the addition of the noise-canceling generator, it gets tangled. The adjustable band is easy to operate and it quickly conforms to your head for the ideal fit, enabling you to enjoy long hours of listening.

The layout of buttons on the headphones is great and also the thought behind the management choices provided is purposeful. The headphone offers you with a volume dial, an influence switch, and a monitor button that enables you to quickly suspend the noise cancelling. But the headphone lacks features like call/music or track skipping controls which is dissatisfactory.

This headphone’s 6.5-feet audio wire enables you to connect to music devices and laptops. The sound produced is overall good as the bass is great but mediocre treble and mids. The best feature of the headphone is its long-lasting battery life, making it perfect for use in long journeys. 


  • Dimensions of 4.1 x 7 x 7.5 inches.
  • Weighing 10.6 ounces.
  • Plush padded earpads.
  • Matte finish.


  • Long battery life.
  • Exceptional sound and value
  • Sleek looking.


  • Not strong enough.


best headphones under 20

The Koss UR-20 stereo headphones produce clear, natural, and high-quality audio, with a wide range of frequency response, and are durable enough to withstand the wear and tears of professional use.

The ear cushions have leatherette and the headband is self-adjusting. These give you a secure yet very comfortable fit and provide immaculate noise isolation. The headphones are large and easily they fit over the ears. But, in some cases, the padding of the earcups applies uneven pressure on the ears, which is discomforting.

The UR-20 is equipped with a retro-designed headband that isn’t the sleekest and isn’t visually appealing but easily adjusts according to your head. The headphones can only rotate vertically using the standard C-joint, but the headband is flexible enough that they have some horizontal give in each direction and can fit easily enough.

The headphones are very sturdy, but the overall build has a light and cheap feel to it. The headphones don’t feature any onboard controls, and the wire is permanently fixed to the left headphone. The wire is pretty thick and sturdy and is 8-feet long. Because of their large size and bulky weight, the headphones aren’t portable.

These UR-20 headphones aren’t very stable as they move when you tilt your head, meaning they easily fall off your ears even with moderate movements. The headphones don’t have a detachable cable, thus it might get hooked to something or might be tangled.

The general quality of sound produced by the headphones was not up to the mark and had a few very noticeable flaws. The overall response of the headphones is even and consistent and the frequency response ranges from 18Hz to 24KHz.


  • Dimensions of 4.75 x 8.81 x 11.94 inches.
  • Weighing 1 pound.
  • High fidelity stereophone.
  • Single-sided listening.


  • Self-adjusting headband.
  • Good frequency response.


  • Big and heavy.


best headphones under 20

If you are looking for a cheap and comfortable headphone with a remote and microphone, then the Vogek headphones are recommended for you .This is one of the best headphones under 20. The Vogek on-ear headphones are an inexpensive pair of on-ear headphones that give you a lot of choices, color-wise, including basic black, bright blue, red, and white editions. 

The headphone features 40mm driver units that are responsible to give you a great, full and balanced sound with a frequency response of 20Hz to 22KHz. Looking at the inexpensive price tag, the frequency response range is very impressive and the headphones produce a strong bass perfect for listening to hip hop, pop, or rock music.

The headband joining both the earpieces is made of metal and is flexible and covered with foam, it is adjustable for different sized heads, and the earpieces are large and cushioned that can be swiveled and tilted. The earpads are designed to relieve pressure and enable you to use the headphones for long hours.

The headphones ensure complete isolation to minimize outside noise and give you immersive listening experience. The left earpiece extends with a 59-inch audio cable, which ends with a metallic 3.5mm jack. The input signal powers the 40mm drivers located within the earpieces.

These headphones can fold flat for more compact storage as the ear cups move inwards and upwards to rest inside the headband. These headphones are very light in weight and can be used while jogging, running, and cycling.

The controls of the headphones are on a small remote connected to the headphone cables. The control options include play/pause, previous song, next song, answering a call, and volume control. The in-line remote control makes managing tracks and calls a lot easier.

The headphones produce a clear, crisp, and balanced sound. It is an ideal choice for softer genres, like classical music or country ballads but can also provide substantial fire-power when asked of it.


  • Dimensions of 2.76 x 1.97 x 0.67 inches.
  • Weighing 6.4 ounces.
  • 40mm driver units.
  • In-line microphone.


  • Portable design.
  • In-line remote.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not durable.


best headphones under 20

Looking for a best headphones under 20 for kids? Then you will need to check out Mpow CH6 headphones that are made especially for kids, with distinct volume control change and built-in microphone. The CH6 also features a different switch, which restricts the sound levels to 85dB while using the media, to protect your hearing and that of your kid.

This switch has 2 modes that keep volume levels below 85dB or 95dB. The CH6S has a frequency response from 20Hz to 20KHz and comes with a 1mW rated power input and 10mW maximum power input.

The round-shaped ear cups will perfectly fit in your ears and will give you a comfortable listening experience. The adjustable headband, made from plush leather material is comfortable to wear and allows you to get the perfect fit. The headphones are armed with a shared port that enables you to connect the headphones with each other and share the audio.

As it is made for kids, the headphones have no sharp edges and are completely covered with pad cushion to avoid hazards. The materials that are used to make the headphones are food grade and are twistable and bendable, which makes it ideal for use for children. The CH6S comes with a 1.2 m tangle-free cord and contains a standard 3.5 mm jack.

The headphones are light in weight and also own a foldable design, which makes it easy for you to carry around. Another great feature possessed by the CH6S headphones is that they can provide up to 6 hours of playback time on a single charge.

The CH6S headphones boast dynamic 40mm drivers, which deliver deep bass, great mids, and clean highs. The headphones give you audio clarity that makes listening to music, playing a game, or watching a show a whole new experience.


  • Dimensions of 6.22 x 2.95 x 5.51 inches.
  • Weighing 6.03 ounces.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Distinct volume control switch.


  • Great battery life.
  • Foldable design makes it convenient to carry around.
  • Great for kids.                                                       


  • The volume control could have been better.                                                                                                                                                                     


iJoy Matte

Next up in the list of the best headphones under 20 comes iJoy Matte Over-Ear headphones that has all new advances and technology that you cannot get in other headsets. Not just great features, the iJoy headphones provide crystal clear sound and are equipped with soft memory protein earmuff.

The memory protein earmuffs will ensure that they stay very comfortable and steady on your head without hurting your ears. The snug pad on the inside of the headband provides you with full protection and exquisite comfort. This headphone also comes with an easy to use 5-button control.

The headphones are small in size, and though these are categorized as over-ear headphones they are rather a combination of an on-ear and an over-ear headphone. They can rotate and pivot very only for small amounts and are otherwise immobile. The earpads are very comfortable and the headband has got a matte finish to it, giving the headphone a sleek look.

This headphones feature a foldable design, which makes it very easy for you to carry them very easy to carry around. The headband of the headphones helps you to isolate audio, because of the noise-canceling feature. The headphone also includes a 4-feet wire, which is reasonably thick and sturdy and is removable from the headphone.

The left headphone is equipped with some onboard button controls that include a play/pause and an on/off call combo button, tracking and volume combo buttons, a Bluetooth/radio mode switch, and an EQ button.

The left headphone also consists of a basic built-in stealth microphone. The built-in microphone enables hands-free calling and you also get a microSD card plugin and a built-in radio receiver in the headphones. The frequency response of the headphones ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz.

The overall response of the headphones sounded pretty consistent and the bass, in certain areas, was surprisingly good, which isn’t something found easily on budget headphones. The iJoy headphones are recommended for you if you are looking for cheap and sturdy headphones that give decent performance.


  • Dimensions of 6 x 5.9 x 3.3 inches.
  • Weighing 8.2 ounces.
  • 5-button control.
  • Adjustable headband.


  • Flexible earmuffs.
  • Sturdy.


  • Decent sound quality.


Elecder i39

The seventh spot in this list of the best headphones under 20 is taken up by the Elecder i39 headphones. The Elecder i39 headphones are specially designed with having kids and adults in mind and are a delight to both the ears and budget.

This headphone has an excellent stereo bass quality to let your children enjoy watching videos or listening to music. The i39 headphones are equipped with a 3.5mm jack and cords, which are protected by a durable nylon material that keeps it from tangling. The headphones also feature a built-in microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls.

The Elecder i39 headphones look great and the bright headband of the headphone makes it look very stylish and attractive. The adjustable headband can fit different sizes of heads and is also pretty comfortable. The headphones are made up of light-weight material, which makes it ideal for kids.

The foldable design of the i39 headphones allows you to store them in compact spaces when not in use. The foldable design and lightweight of the headphones make it easily portable, and the headphones are highly recommended for travelers. The headphones come with soft earmuffs and a sweat-resistant design that keep your ears comfortable throughout, and are great, especially for kids.

The i39 headphones provide you with good sound isolation that keeps you and your child intent on listening. These headphones also feature built-in buttons to take calls or control volume, play, and pause, which are very easy to use. Overall, the stereo-bass headphones produce great audio because of the HFI strong low bass speaker.

The 40 mm drivers produce high-quality sound and block ambient noise to promote immersive listening. The bass and mids produced are very good, but the highs are pretty mediocre.


  • Dimensions of 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.5 inches.
  • Weighing 6.6 ounces.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Adjustable band.


  • Great for children.
  • Light-weight and foldable.


  • Minimal control.



Last but not least in the list of the best headphones under 20 comes MuveAcoustic Impulse wired on-ear headphones. The MuveAcoustics Impulse is a stylish, ultra-light yet budget-friendly on-ear styled wired headphone that produces powerful audio with good levels of bass.

The Impulse headphone comes armed with a frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz. This ensures that the headphones deliver all perceivable sounds with optimal precision. The robust gadget comes equipped with a gold plated 3.5 mm jack, and has a standard input power and a maximum input power of 30 mW and 100 mW respectively.

The MuveAcoustics Impulse comes with polycarbonate plastic and faux leather build, which is coupled with a great finish that gives you an excellent fit. The use of plastics helps with weight reduction, resulting in the ultra-lightweight gadget, and the faux leather on the headband gives the headphone a premium look.

The headband cushion is comfortable and doesn’t cause any wearing fatigue during long listening sessions. The earcups can be folded inwards and this feature along with the ultra-lightweight of the headphone makes it portable.

Overall, the quality for construction and the ergonomics are on par with other headphones in this price range. The headphones feature a detachable 3.5mm cable.

The Impulse headphones come armed with a 40mm neodymium speaker driver that covers a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz. The bass levels are deep, and the vocals and the treble notes compliment the rich bass very well and produce a balanced audio output.

The headphone is equipped with a regular in-line remote with a microphone and a single button to give you hands-free voice calls. Overall, the headphones are well built and deliver great audio output, with a very inexpensive price tag.


  • Dimensions of 6.38 x 7.09 x 2.91 inches.
  • Weighing 5.9 ounces.
  • In-line microphone.
  • Advanced audio.


  • Decent quality in-line mic.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Single-button in-line remote.


This was the list of the best headphones under 20 along with their features, pros and cons. I hope this list will help you get the best set of headphones under a budget, in the market.


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