Best SFX Power Supply (PSUs) For ITX, SFF Builds


Are you looking for a best SFX power supply for your new pc built-in? Or are you just searching for an SFX power supply for your small form factor (SFF) construction? Then you are on the right page. 

best SFX power supply

Well, the power supply unit or PSU is a critical part of your pc which helps in the conversion of energy from ac into dc and acts as a protective device for your system from lots of threats. Whether you are making a mini-ITX/ SFF gaming pc, or HTPC most probably you need an SFX power supply and nowadays, SFX power supply has significant demand.

If you are confused with the numerous options in the market, then this list of best SFX power supply will guide you to choose the best one. Let's move on to the list. 



Corsair SF600 - best SFX power supply

First of all, we have corsair SF platinum series the best SFX power supply with a high-density design that brings low noise plus high efficiency within a compact SFX form factor beyond compromising repeated power, reliability, or quality.

This also provides premium individually sleeved, fully modular cables. Sf platinum power supplies offer high strength with over 92% performance to maintain energy consumption, temperature, noise, and reduce your power cost with long term reliability.

Fans are with superb customization and hence spins only during the requirement and provide optimal cooling without annoying noise. It is designed for delivering outstanding performance swaps wires for soldered PCBs, fabulously steady voltages, and ultra-low ripple plus electric noise.

Also, SF platinum series power provider consists of an SFX to ATX power supply adapter bracket which permits accession into any ATX civil case.


  • Compact SFX form factor.
  • 80+ platinum-certified.
  • Zero rpm fan mode.
  • 92mm cooling fan.
  • Individually sleeved, fully modular cables.


  • Completely silent, even under high load.
  • Great for mini-cases.
  • Ultra-short cables.
  • Fully modulates make install/reinstall/removal of breeze.


  • Don't have an ATX adaptor plate.                    


SilverStone Technology SX800 - best SFX power supply

Our next pick for best SFX power supply is Silverstone technology having two product lines in its SFX-l family of power supply products; one with SX for units through a 120mm fan and another with the peculiar nightjar (NJ) series of calm, fanless models.

Its ultra-calm 120mm fan with insightful rpm control ensures crisp execution and quiet activity with the least of 18dba during fan activity plus the fanless mode, operation deactivates when PSU stacking arrives at 20%.

The sx800-LIT not just has a remarkable 800 watts of intensity yield yet, besides, has the most an elevated level of 80 plus productivity with a titanium rating.

It incorporates all highlights accessible from best in class Silverstone PSUs, for example, adaptable level links, every Japanese capacitor, and propelled semi-fan less ability. For those hoping to assemble the most productive little structure factor frameworks conceivable with extraordinary quality and force, the sx800-LIT is undoubtedly the top decision.

For small form factor lovers, standard SFX power supplies offer a great mix of size, strength, and reasonableness. At 100mm profound, be that as it may, they are constrained to 92mm fans.


  • Quiet running 120mm fan with cutting edge semi-fan less activity. Bolster quad PCI-e 8/6pin connectors.
  • 800w persistent force yield with class-driving single +12v rail with 66a.
  • High proficiency with 80 plus titanium accreditations.
  • Significant development with every single Japanese capacitor.
  • 100% secluded short links with adaptable level clusters.


  • Flexible cables, like the pp05-e set.
  • Native support for dual 6+2 pin PCI-e power connectors.
  • The ATX bracket has a high build quality.


  • This PSU gets very hot under load.    


FSP 450W - best SFX power supply

FSP300-60GHS-R micro_ATX 300-watt is the best SFX power supply unit and it has an 80+ certified force gracefully intended to fit most smaller little structure factor PC frameworks because of high-power yield.

Force determination is entirely perfect for intel and AMD power CPU and standard PC designs. Plan, least proficiency, and yield execution are affirmed by intel mt. Jade particular necessity.

It includes an actual 300-Watt power yield and an 80mm cooling fan with warm detecting innovation. It is an excellent decision for conservative, little structure factor frameworks mix that requests higher force yield necessity.

FSP quality assurance program, a producer's immediate help, ensures quality and execution for a time of 3-year, included. All models are equipped for RoHS, lead-free, Green Product (GP) global ecological neighborly status. I think you already convinced to buy this.


  • 300-watt micro ATX.
  • 80+ certified.
  • 80mm cooling fan system.
  • Included SFX to PS2 bracket for quick fitting into a standard ATX case.
  • Thermal control system linked to fan.
  • Energy saver standing by at 1-watt.


  • Perfect size for small form factor case.
  • Quiet fan.
  • The cables were plenty long.


  • Not stylish.


SilverStone Technology SST - best SFX power supply

Following leading full-included, elite, best SFX power supply in 2012, Silverstone has kept refining the section it has made. The SX700-G is one more developmental advance toward idealizing this little structure factor power gracefully classification.

It is even more impressive without developing in size to accomplish phenomenal force thickness levels of 882W, the most noteworthy of any SFX or ATX PSUs discharged so far.

This expansion in power thickness was achieved through further developed designing and part choice so as opposed to included commotion like the standard for increasing wattage yield in power supplies, the SX700-G stays similarly as tranquil as lower wattage models on account of the utilization of 92mm FDB fan.

For availability, the SX700-G has outfitted with connectors a wide assortment of framework arrangements with Silverstone's popular short, adaptable level links. More extended standard-length link set, the PP05-L is additionally accessible for buy independently for those clients wishing to utilize this PSU is more significant in fenced-in areas.


  • Encourage Standard SFX Form Factor.
  • Higher efficiency with 80 plus gold certification.
  • It's quietly running 92mm FDB fan with 18dba minimum.
  • Class-leading single +12v rail. Accurate 3% voltage regulation plus minimum ripple & noise.
  • 100% modular cables. All cables with flexible flat arrays.


  • 800W platinum-rated plenty of power for your needs.
  • SFX-l can adjust within different types of mini ITX builds.
  • Quiet operation. 


  • Argues to stay within 3% voltage.  


GAMEMAX VP-600-M-RGB - best SFX power supply

Here is another best SFX power supply with outstanding design for optimal heat indulgence. It's 80+ Bronze certified along with 85% effectiveness or more significant in standard loads.

A semi-modular output wire rod is present which optimizes routing conditions. Faint noise 12cm fan next to smart fan speed control. The ECO switch lets managers modify their cooling demands by choosing amongst the fanless mode and the silent mode.

RGB led light gives beauty to your system. It provides your PC to soul with build-in exclusive lighting appearances without extra controlled use. GAMEMAX The VP-600-M-RGB power supply in an elegant package, accessory cables, and friendly customer service.

GAMEMAX has been compelled to construct workstation elements and offer OEM service for familiar brands from 2003 to now.


  • 80+ certified.
  • The noise level is Zero (ECO-ON) and <32dBA (at 100% load).
  • Smart and Silent Fan Control with Fluid Dynamic Bearing.
  • Multi-Coloured LED Fan.
  • Intel ATX 12 V 2.31 Form Factor.
  • Semi-Modular Cable.


  • Good build quality.
  • Excellent RGB lighting and fan.
  • 600w.


  • The RGB lights are not adjustable or programmable.


SilverStone Technologys

Next, another fantastic choice is ST45SF which is good not just with a case that utilization best SFX power supply yet also in littler ATX case with the included connector section. Despite its tiny size, the ST45SF has highlights that one would anticipate from a first-class ATX power flexibly.

For example, 80 plus the bronze degree of productivity, temperature-controlled fan, 50℃ temperature rating, and dependability for every minute of everyday activity.

PC Lovers arranged highlights are likewise present with single +12v rail and 8pin/6pin PCI-e connectors to bolster multi-GPU frameworks ultimately. Great one. You must consider buying.


  • Support Standard SFX Form Factor With ATX.
  • 450W Continuous Power Output at 50℃.
  • 80 plus bronze level efficiency.
  • Class-leading single +12V rail with 36A.
  • Active PFC.


  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Substantially quieter at high RPM.
  • 80+ Bronze.


  • Louder at low RPM.


Thermaltake Toughpower

Here comes another incredible, best SFX power supply for your perfect PC. Thermaltake severe power has incredible execution, little impression and the SFX 600W 80plus gold force flexibly is here.

With choices for both SFX and ATX structure factor mounting, the SFX 600W conveys high productivity for clients hoping to increase legitimate power for micro chassis or slimline applications much more space with an utterly secluded link to let valuable loose space. 

It can work in zero RPM, and smart fan framework naturally controls fan speeds permitting zero RPM alternatives for clients searching for a simple, quiet framework.

Reclaim your space with the Thermaltake SFX power series for an all-inclusive conservative plan, 100% high-quality Japanese capacitors, and committed 12V+ rail structure for the correct fit on your next form. Highly recommended.


  • 80 Plus Gold Certified.
  • Zero RPM Smart Fan Control.
  • ATX PSU Bracket Included.
  • High-Quality Japanese Capacitors.
  • 7-Year Warranty.


  • Cords are long enough but not excessively.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Modular, so there are even fewer cords getting in the way now.


  • Unreliable and inconsistent power levels.


FSP 350W Mini ITX Solution

SFX Pro Series features 80 plus bronze certification, saving energy through its high-efficiency rating of up to 85%. Wide input voltage 100-240V can ensure the stability of the system when the input voltage is not stable.

It also complies with the latest green power technology and provides a full array of additional safety approvals to keep designs ahead of the changing regulations. FSP has upgraded the majority of their best SFX power supply to comply with the new IEC/EN 62368 standard for your gaming rig.

The dull dark layering and all black cables offer your system a stylish look. With DC structure, SFX Pro Series ensure the outstanding conversion efficiency and provides reliability and stability.

Adapts to your requirements, not only does it fit into cases with the SFX Form Factor, but also it can be installed simply into regular ATX, Micro-ATX Or Mini-ITX cases. Good to buy.


  • Fulfilled with the latest SFX12V V3.3 as well as UL-62368.
  • 80+ bronze certified besides efficiency of 85% on an average load.
  • 80mm smart fan speed regulator.
  • Dim ribbon cables with PS2 bracket for quick fitting into the ATX case.
  • Complete protections OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP.


  • Modular design.
  • Quite.
  • Worked perfectly.


  • Overheat and shut off most of the time.


The following are a few things to know before buying a best SFX power supply. So, on the surface, purchasing a power supply seems like it should be quite easy, right?

Wrong! It turns out that there's a lot more to consider when deciding on a power plant for your next pick.

The wattage specification listed on the box is only a small part. You see, other essential factors like efficiency, build quality, and noise levels can vary broadly between different models. So, how can you be sure about which one to choose?

Well, after you've decided exactly how much wattage you need, you can use a trusting third-party site like pc part picker. It's important to realize that some brands, can label their power supplies with peak wattage, but the reality is that they cannot deliver it continuously.

So even if your discount bin power supply is marked, let's say 600 watts, it could still quickly fail on you sometimes spectacularly. But going beyond just knowing that your power supply will work when you need it to.

Efficiency is also important to keep your energy costs and your heat output down. One right way to check efficiency is to take a look at the power supplies 80 plus rating. This uses a precious metal system to give you an idea of how efficient your unit is. This means that they allow you to plug-in only the cables that you need for your build, to avoid having a messy bundle of extra wires cluttering up your case.

With many enthusiasts, as well as first-time builders, getting severe about cable management these days to improve airflow and aesthetics.

Of course, the excellent power supply also needs to run quietly. I mean, after all, it's hard to enjoy your games if your power supplies fan sounds like your computers trying to take off next to you. With a rifle or fluid dynamic bearing fans, you'll get quiet performance even when your power supply is working hard.

Well, after you've picked your wattage, and that is still essential, keeping in mind that higher wattages will give you more headroom for expansion later and can drive more components, like high core count CPUs and multiple graphics cards. Stepping up to RMX and TXM, you'll get quieter performance 80 plus gold efficiency and long-lasting Japanese capacitors inside.

So, after understanding all the required things, now you must choose your best SFX power supply given below.


So, these are some of my today's preferences. I hope you like them. Each best SFX power supply on the rundown was acceptable. Snatch one that is inside your spending plan, and you will be en route to building a profoundly smaller, exceptionally performant framework.

And surely take care of the essential factors to keep your PC lively and can tackle extreme electric conditions easily. If you still have any doubts, don't hesitate to comment down below, we are here always for your help. Thank you!


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