Best White PC Cases For Your Build


If you are a gamer or a PC enthusiast, you must have come across heated processors and systems after the use of long periods. The heating of processors and other components is obviously unwanted, simply because it hampers the performance of your systems as well as its durability. If you are going to build your pc for gaming, make sure to add cooling system and thermal pastes to maintain your system temperatures.

Best White PC Cases

It becomes necessary for all users to keep the temperature of components down in a system to enjoy the system’s entire lifetime that's why you need a best white PC cases.

Thus, to keep the temperatures of components down, aftermarket coolers are used for significant improvements in thermal performance. The cooling cases are available in the market offer various cooling solutions, various number of fans, various designs, different capacities, and of course with different price tags.

Before getting a cooling case you need to need to very clear about the motherboards in use and if the cooling case can hold it. The number of fans and the diameter of blades are utterly important as ultimate they decide the cooling performance of the case.

There are a lot of cases available in the market, but here we will only concentrate on sleek white cases. We have left no stones unturned to find out the best white PC cases that are available in the market, for you. Let us now look at the list of the best white PC cases along with their features, advantages, and disadvantages, available in the market at your disposal.



THERMALTAKE CORE - best white pc cases

Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Edition case is a mini-ITX cube chassis that delivers maximum cooling with multiple configurations for both air and liquid cooling setups. 

It has a 200 mm fan in the front panel and you can create your setup with the smart interchangeable side panels, which can be flipped accordingly to showcase the superior liquid cooling or superb airflow system.

The Core V1 Snow Edition is equipped with a large pre-installed 200mm fan in the front panel that can be removed to accommodate a 120mm or a 140mm radiator. For additional cooling purposes, there are a couple of 80mm fan slots for at the rear side of the case.

The case provides excellent cooling ability with various mounting points to support all types of cooling systems, including DIY/AIO liquid cooling systems and air-cooling units.

The case has built-in dual USB 3.0 and HD audio connectors together along with the Power & Reset Button on the side of the front panel. This keeps the panel neat and clean and also grants direct and easy access for external devices.

It consists of 2 main chambers, the upper chamber, which is made for cooling performance and efficiency, and the lower chamber that is made for PSU and cable management. The Core V1 has a removable dust filter and adjustable shockproof rubbers at the bottom of the case to prevent dust build-up.

The case can fit up to 4 data storage drives, a dual-expansion slot graphics card up to 10.2-inch long, a CPU cooler up to 140mm tall, and a PSU up to 180mm long, while still offering 80mm of cable management space. Overall this is one of the best white PC cases that comes with good features and thus holds the first place in this list.


  • Dimensions of 12.4 x 10.9 x 10.2 inches.
  • Weighing 7.04 pounds.
  • Interchangeable side panel.
  • Advance ventilation.


  • Divided panel.
  • Very quiet.
  • Great for gaming PC.


  • Made up of cheap materials.


COOLER MASTER - best white pc cases

Next up in the list of the best white PC cases comes the Cooler Master MCM H500P white mesh case. The Master Case H500P white is a mid-tower with a couple of impressive 200mm RGB fans installed in the front and has space for two optional 200mm fans in the top.

The RGB fans are the most distinctive features are visible through the front panel, with an added window on top and a full tempered glass side panel. The trim is angular and skeletal and is backed with mesh that still allows the LEDs to shine through.

The liquid cooling support provided by the case is flexible with front and top for up to 360mm radiator and rear panel for up to 140mm radiators. The two 200m fans provided in this case can be switched to the top panel if you needed it.

The front mesh of the case is equipped with the 2 pre-installed 200mm RGB fans in the front and a couple of optional 200mm fans in the top guarantee high volume intake of fresh air. The top panel can install three 120mm or 140mm fans and two 200mm fans. The case allows you to install a 120mm or 140mm fan for exhaust and is preinstalled with an all-white standard non-PWM fan.

The case consists of a couple of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. There are also the usual audio jacks, the switches, and the activity indicator. The case has a white lit LED ring around the power button. The PSU shroud, CPU cut out cover, and additional cable covers ensure clean cable management. It also comes with 2 additional PCI slots at the rear for vertical graphics card mounting.


  • Dimensions of 21.4 x 9.53 x 21.34 inches.
  • Weighing 25 pounds.
  • Vertical graphics card mounting.
  • High volume intake of fresh air.


  • Great lighting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great cooling.


  • Poor RGB controller.


BE QUIET! - best white pc cases

This is one of the best white PC cases that is aimed at the premium end of the budget market. The 500DX comes with lots of RGB, an open mesh front panel, and a tempered-glass side panel that matches the color of the case. 

It is the first chassis to be quiet! that comes with addressable RGB and the 2 front RGB strips at the center of the chassis have 14 individually addressable LEDs, and the internal strip hiding above the tempered glass panel has 10 more.

The case comes with three 900 RPM Pure Wings 2 fans that use voltage control for regulation. The top of the chassis support up to a 240mm radiator and the front can support a 360mm radiator. The 500DX is equipped with a couple of air filters.

The chassis consists of a USB 3.0 Type-A port, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, separate microphone and headphone jacks, a Power button, and a button to cycle through the RGB modes. In the front of the upper section of the chassis, there is room for mounting two 2.5-inch drives, and the rear side of the motherboard tray can hold two more 2.5-inch drives.

The rear side of the motherboard has 23 mm between itself and the side panel, which is a nice amount of space for work with. For cable management, the case has included several Velcro straps and cable guides, making it easy for you to keep things clean.


  • Dimensions of 20 x 11.5 x 19.75 inches.
  • Weighing 19.96 pounds.
  • High airflow intake.


  • Three included Pure Wings 2 fans.
  • Lots of RGB.
  • Easy to work in.


  • Loud performance under load.


CORSAIR CRYSTAL - best white pc cases

The fifth place in this list of the best white PC cases is taken up by the Corsair Crystal 460x. The case has a 2-panel tempered glass display that allows you to show off every component of your build. 

It is designed with enough space to hold a 13.4-inch card and has no restrictions to prevent you from installing a 13.3-inch E-ATX motherboard. Corsair has designed this case specifically to hold 10.7-inch deep motherboards by moving its cable passages by an inch forward. The RGB LEDs enhance the beauty of this sleek white case.

The Crystal 460x case comes with 3 Corsair SP120 RGB fans that are certainly powerful enough to cool a big motherboard and graphics card. It is even designed with enough space to mount a radiator up to 16.4-inch tall and 1.4-inch thick behind the motherboard. The top panel can have up to a pair of 140mm x 25mm fans, or a couple of 120mm radiator and fan set hanging 1.4-inch from the motherboard’s surface.

The Crystal 460X has a standard metal side panel behind the motherboard that is home to the standard seven expansion slots, and an empty 120mm fan mount with screw slots. The Crystal 460x top panel has Power and Reset buttons, headphone and microphone jacks, a couple of USB 3.0 ports, and 3 mode buttons for the SP120 RGB fans.

Behind the metal side panel, there are three 2.5-inch bays with snap installation tabs and ejection springs, a drive cage with two 3.5-inch trays, the RGB LED controller with space for 3 more fans, and a redundant fan mode selector.


  • Dimensions of 17.3 x 8.66 x 18.27 inches.
  • Weighing 17.57 pounds.
  • Two-panel tempered glass display.
  • Included SP120 RGB fans.


  • Supports three 120mm front and two 120mm top radiators. 
  • Great looking RGB fans provide excellent cooling.                                                                 


  • Limited space around the power supply.            


CORSAIR CARBIDE - best white pc cases

Are you looking for an affordable one with minimalistic design in this list? Then check out Corsair Carbide Series Spec-6 case. This is one of the best white PC cases that is available at low cost and it is a compact mid-tower ATX case with minimalist design and a beautiful tempered glass window, straightforward interior layout and versatile cooling options.

The tempered glass side panel showcases your build, while the direct airflow path design delivers cool air to the systems and keeps your PC safe and ahead of the curve. The internal layout is pretty simple and intuitive and all builders will love this case.

The Spec-6 case is equipped with a couple of included 120mm cooling fans and the Corsair direct airflow path design ensures that the cool air is directed to the hottest components. The case has space for up to six 120mm fans and you can also install the big one, the 360mm Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB Liquid CPU cooler.

The case allows you to install up to 360mm radiator in the front, 240mm radiator in the roof, and a 120mm radiator in the rear side. The expansive storage space of the case allows you for up to four 2.5-inch SSDs and a couple of 3.5-inch HDDs, giving you the storage capacity you need.

The Spec-6’s internal layout enables quick and easy installation with intuitively placed rubber grommets and cut-outs. These allow even first-time builders to create a great looking system.

The full-length PSU cover facilitates clean cable management, and the removable dust filters in the roof, floor, and front keep the system clean long after the build is finished.


  • Dimensions of 18.66 x 8.46 x 17.9 inches.
  • Weighing 18.11 pounds.
  • Builders-friendly.
  • Versatile cooling.


  • Affordable.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Minor heating issues were reported by some users.


DARKFLASH DLM - best white pc cases

This is one of the best white PC cases that comes with dust filters. darkFlash is affordably and is equipped with 3 RGB fans. The front panel has an angular pattern design to it and is made up of plastic. The low poly design of the front panel is a joy to the eyes. The case is compatible with micro-ATX and mini-ATX motherboards.

The side panel of the DLM 21 case has a door opening magnetic design, which makes it is easy to disassemble the panel without the help of tools. This tempered glass side panel features a simple hinge mechanism, which enables you to easily swing the side panel open for upgrades.

It also has a small cloth tab to assist you with it. The PSU shroud sports the darkFlash logo on it. The other side of the case has a metal panel, which provides the case with solidity and rigidity.

On the top panel, there’s room for a couple of 120mm fans. It is also the home to the status LEDs, audio jacks, USB ports, Power and Reset buttons. The DLM 21 provides you with two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port.


  • Dimensions of 18.5 x 17.72 x 11.22 inches.
  • Weighing 13.16 pounds.
  • High-quality structure.
  • Low poly panel design.


  • Great design.
  • Dust filters on top and bottom.


  • Thin metal.


APEVIA X-SNIPER2  - best white pc cases

The seventh spot in this list of the white PC cases is taken up by the Apevia X-Sniper2 white case. The Apevia X-Sniper2 ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case is a budget builder's dream come true, as the case has a mid-tower build, which offers you the extra space you need.

It can accommodate up to seven expansions and is compatible with ATX and the M-ATX motherboard. The X-Sniper 2 case is designed with having an economy in mind, while still appealing to a more modern taste and having a simple yet elegant design with the large blue-tinted side window.

The Apevia X-Sniper2 case comes only with one pre-installed fan, but it has plenty of room for additional fans. The top panel of the case has room for up to a couple of 120mm case fans. The case is also equipped for the installation of up to 8 strategically placed cooling fans.

This helps in keeping the interior parts inside the case at a cool temperature, reducing the chances of overheating. The cool white and blue design and the pre-installed blue 120mm LED fan to give it an amazing and alien-like look, which you would love to have at your disposal. The chassis comes with a couple of USB 3.0 ports and 3.5mm HD audio sound ports.

The cable management in the case might be an issue for you as the case is not designed for optimal cable management. But, with a few strategic planning and placing of wire and cords, you will easily overcome this issue. The case also comes with three 5.25-inch drive bays.


  • Dimensions of 19.5 x 7.75 x 17.5 inches.
  • Weighing 14 pounds.
  • Large blue tinted side window.
  • 8 case fans.


  • Great design.
  • 8 cooling fan slots.


  • Not much durable.


best white pc cases

Next up in the list of the best white PC cases comes Inwin 301 gaming computer case. This micro-ATX/mini-ITX mini-tower includes a tinted, tempered-glass side panel and the rest of the case is steel, has no room for full-size ATX motherboards.

The case has space for large graphics cards and you can install a single 3.5-inch drive, as well as a pair of 2.5-inch hard drives. The frame of the chassis is made up of steel and is also 1.2mm thick, to give the case a very robust feel and heft to this chassis.

The case lacks any pre-installed fans. On the front of the case has a removable plate which allows for a couple of 120mm fans to be attached and also can be a location used for liquid cooling. The rear side of the case has a 120mm fan location and can again be used to support water cooling.

The bottom of the chassis having another pair of 120mm fans, but by doing so you will limit the number of accessories to be placed inside. The front of the case is also home to square Power and Reset buttons, separate headphone and microphone jacks, and a couple of USB 3.0 ports.

The Inwin 301 is a good case with no matter the complications, mostly around space constraints and cable routing. The case is affordable and has a tempered-glass side panel and solid construction.


  • Dimensions of 14.6 x 7.4 x 14.3 inches.
  • Weighing 14.4 pounds.
  • Detachable tempered glass side panel.
  • Ventilated steel side panel.


  • Handsome right panel cut-outs.
  • Tempered glass side window.


  • No pre-included fans.


COOLER MASTER - best white pc cases

Cooler Master Masterbox TD500 mesh white case comes with a unique diamond cut appearance. The top panel of the case is secure with a thumb screw at the rear and the new mesh front panel clips into place. These make the case feel much sturdier and also flows air considerably well.

The PSU can slide into the case from the rear side, because of the removable plate that has been a feature on so many cases. This mid-tower not only offers good hardware support, an edge to edge side panel and radiator support, but it also arrives with 4 cooling fans, with 3 of them having RGB LED.

At the front panel, there is a continuation of the diamond cut theme that has a glossy surface, a distinct design, unique, and very appealing. This panel is detachable, and underneath there are three 120mm LED cooling fans all of which are configured to be intakes.

At the top we the outlet for the 120mm rear exhaust fan and an opening for the rear I/O of the motherboard are present. To keep the systems cool the top and front panels are supported with two 360mm radiators.

The front panel of the case is home to the activity LED, a couple of USB 3.0 ports, power button, headphone/microphone jacks, and a reset button. There is no dust filter supplied for the fans. Around the back, at the bottom, there is an opening for the PSU with 7 PCIe slot covers above.


  • Dimensions of 19.41 x 8.54 x 18.46 inches.
  • Weighing 18.06 pounds.
  • Three included addressable RGB fans.
  • Polygonal Mesh features a three-dimensional contour.


  • Includes RGB fans and controller.
  • Unique diamond cut appearance.


  • No front dust filter.


best white pc cases

Rounding off this list of the best white PC cases is the Fractal Design Meshify S2 white TG case. This case is the largest Meshify case to date and thus it combines all the strengths of its predecessors with its modular design elements. The case has a high air-flow open layout design.

The angular mesh offers more than just a distinctive look, but it augments the air intake and unleashes the true potential of an open-layout PC. The interior of the Meshify S2 is roomy and the motherboard tray supports E-ATX boards (up to 285mm wide), along with standard ATX, mini-ITX, and micro-ATX motherboards.

The Meshify S2 white TG case’s front is completely made out of mesh in a cool, edgy shape. The case comes with 3 Dynamic X2 GP-14 140mm pre-installed fans and supports up to six more fans. In the rear side of the case, things are arranged traditionally with the PSU bay at the very bottom.

You will have to move the power supply unit through the back of the chassis during assembly. Above that are the 7 vertical and 2 horizontal expansion slots. At the top, you get another retail-grade 140 mm unit set to blow air out the back of the chassis.

The Input/Output panel is separate from the front cover and is equipped with two USB 3.0 plugs, a pair of audio connectors, a small reset button, and a much larger power switch. You will also find a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port here.


  • Dimensions of 21.18 x 9.17 x 18.31 inches.
  • Weighing 26.4 pounds.
  • Water cooling ready.
  • Concealed cable management.


  • USB 3.1 Type-C port is included.
  • Great construction quality.


  • Power LED is not very bright.


A good PC case helps your PC to work better. Choosing a best white case would have been quite tedious job with so many good options available in the market, and not anymore. I hope my list of 10 best white PC cases helped you in buying the ideal one. 

If you have any queries regarding this buying guide, feel free to comment them below. Cheers!


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