Curtain Up on Broadway Triangle

When the 2-year war was carried for the upgradation of the Broadway Triangle, many of the communities at Brooklyn raised their voices for not getting a chance in the meetings and debates. 

While the battle went to the City Council, the discussion was held that Community Board 3 was kept out of the meetups and also from the advantages of landholdings.  

On 19 November, During the City Council Session before the HPD, The Assemblyman AI Vann said that he is worried for the people of District 36 and CB3. If the project provides advantages, around the vicinity, how can someone guarantee that they are bound to be affected without consultation. 

The open debates on the advantages of the project to reorganize the 31-acre land Broadway Triangle in South Williamsburg are highly aimed at the requirement of housing at cheap rates in the City and the procedure through which the idea is carried. 

The supporters pointed to the merit that 1,800 buildings and around a thousand cheap homes will be constructed if the region is redeveloped for residential purposes. On the other hand, others said that people of Bedford Stuyvesant will not be included in such schemes in upcoming revising of landforms based on the fact of lines which were taken into account at the Triangle proposal. 

The Assembly representative of Community District -1, Diana Reyna asked that on what basis the city region can be rezoned with no consultations by the Community Boards 1 and 3, which form part of the vicinity. 

Diana explains that sanctioning the reordering proposal will make CB 1 as the single committee for the new formed region, kicking off the CB3’s authorization in the newly formed boundaries of the surrounding Pfizer property.

As stated by Rafael Cestero, HPD Commissioner, CB3 shall not experience any such thing by the project. Also, the committee members didn’t appeal for a detailed presentation of the proposal.

The source of the idea had come from various opinions HPD took in from the stakeholders in the vicinity associations, comprising Churches United, the Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Citizen Council, United Jewish Organizations and after two planning discussions.  

According to whether certain groups could join the planning or not, Reyna got to argue and a present lawsuit created this past decline by the forty North Brooklyn associative groups, but clearly it was nothing like a ‘non-opportunity’ situation.

David Yassky, a council member whose area includes CB1, is in full assist with the Broadway Triangle proposal. 

David said that this is the region of the city which has seen as much change than anywhere. The city of North Brooklyn has experienced quick and unsettling development. I feel that HPD has worked well and performed just like the government can and the way they have set is indeed a trusted one. 

Although, Letita James, a member of council showed disapproval towards the HPD for contemplating the usage of the ranked domain in the rebordering idea and voiced about the work of CB3 in conducting negotiations. 

Letita further said that he has an issue of grabbing the private properties if they merit private developers. He has problems with the proposal when going with eminent domain. Also, it will create severe issues if CB3 can not control the site over their destiny. 

A meetup is scheduled on 30th of November at 1 p.m. in the afternoon at the City Hall. It is therefore believed to have an intense discussion of the full council.


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