Fort Hamilton’s Reddish taking time with recruitment

The American Footballer Brandon Reddish, the states’ wide and dynamic receiver, is indeed a challenge in the open ground due to his extreme patience, and his skill to look till the last second to enable his speed take over. He is handling the recruitment with the same approach.

He said that it’s all about me being comfortable. I put my head into it but couldn’t reach an answer yet. I like the similarity.

This 5-foot-11 Player, the one who has ranked as the All-City football Player of the Year a few days ago, recently toured to the regions of Syracuse and Connecticut officially, although he is not planning till 3rd of February (National Signing Day) as by the commitment. He wants to complete all the 5 visits and will meet Penn State and Maryland until then. But it’s still on his mind that which school should be the fifth one, West Virginia, Virginia, Boston College and Rutgers are all in the mix already.

He made out well from his initial 2 visits, getting quality time with the players and the two coaches. The time he went to Storrs, Conn.. , he spent time with Boys and Girls standout Wilbert Lee, the Huskies said. Moving to Syracuse, he was accompanied by Ishaq Williams of Lincoln, the national prospect.

Following coach Doug Marrone, the Orange ones are going after the city hard; the roster at present has four different city standouts: Michael Hay-Holy Cross, Steven Rene-Canarsie, Jason Bromley-Flushing and Mario Tull-Xaverian. Already, they have committed from the region in quarterback Christ the King, Terrel Hunt.

Reddish enjoyed a memorable career at Fort Hamilton. A three-year starter, he led the Tigers went a remarkable 36-2, reaching at least the semifinals each season. Reddish also scored 18 touchdowns in 11 postseason appearances and helped the Brooklyn school to its third title in six years.


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