How To Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal

how to boost outdoor TV antenna signal

Technology is fascinating and the rate at which it grows and evolves is astounding! Today you can get high-quality channels of whatever it is that you wish to watch on gigantic flat screens. A big leap in the television industry is outdoor antennas.

Antennas these days are very high-tech. They have a sleek profile, they have much higher reception capabilities and it is hard to access them, so people do not mess with them without going out of their way. Despite these advancements, sometimes you do face some issues. Well, in this article, we will tell you how to boost your outdoor TV antenna’s signal and get better reception.

how to boost outdoor TV antenna signal

  • Method 1: Amplifier

This method should be your first resort as most antennas do come with an inbuilt amplifier to boost the signal. However, if nothing else worked, you can get yourself an TV antenna amplifier that is compatible with your Antenna and hope that it increases the reception range.


This is not a perfect solution as amplifiers are not built to only amplify the network signal, they amplify everything, all signals, including interference. So, it could work out great and solve your issue.

  • Method 2: Direction that your Antenna is facing

This process is not as easy as it may initially feel. You cannot just point your Antenna up at the sky and expect it to work. In order to get perfect reception, antennas need to face a certain point from where the broadcast signal originates.

how to boost outdoor TV antenna signal

Use websites like AntennaWeb, TVFool, or the Digital TV Map from the FCC to provide you with information like which channels you are going to receive. They will also provide you with a map displaying where the broadcast signal is coming from your location and based on that map, you can adjust your Antenna. This is one of the easier, free and most convenient methods out there.

  • Method 3: The elevation of your Antennas

So, in this last point, I sarcastically remarked you could not just point it up at the sky. Well, about that. The reason why it seems the workers point it up is that ideally, you want your Antennas to face the direction where there is no visible obstruction in your line of sight. Obstacles like trees, buildings act as an obstruction while receiving signal as they spilt it in two.

how to boost outdoor TV antenna signal

In technical terms, these obstacles can cause the radio frequency signals to split as they bounce off the surfaces it comes into contact with and when your Antenna receives them, they seem messed up. This process is known as Multipath Interface. So yeah, the higher the elevation of your antennas, the fewer obstructions there will be.

  • Method 4: Check the cables and connections

The signal that your antennas receive is transferred to your TV via the cable. As with most things that are included “in the box”, most cables that are provided are generic. Sometimes, they are damaged too. So, you might want to make sure that is not the case and all the wiring between the Antenna and TV is okay. 

If you used to get good reception and do not anymore, it could also be because the cable worked perfectly initially but is now damaged due to the sun, the birds or some other factor. In such a case, replace the cables.

Sometimes connection or wiring issues exist. A common wiring mistake that is made is allowing the shield of the coax cable touch the centre conductor. This will mess up your signal.

Sometimes, the trouble could be inside of the wire. The connections can be damaged due to corrosion if moisture gets in. If your cables look rusted, replace them with waterproof ones.

  • Method 5: Interfaces

Electronic items sometimes tend not to work well if kept in the same vicinity. It is rare but it does certainly happen. Appliances in your own home or nearby could also cause signal issues.

What you should do then is use a good quality quad shielded coaxial cable using F type connectors throughout your system. F type connectors make sure that shield is unbroken and reduces interference to a minimum. 

  • Method 6: Reset Your Digital Tuner

Digital Tuners are usually found inside of your TV but can be external also (in your set-up box). This tuner converts incoming TV signals into a digital format which the TV can read and then display. It stores all the information about your channels and lets you change them. In order to reset your tuner to clear existing memory and recompile the channel list, follow the steps

  • Disconnect the coaxial antenna cable from your TV or set-top/converter box.
  • With the Antenna disconnected, do a channel scan.
  • Turn and unplug everything off and wait a while.
  • Reconnect your Antenna, turn on your TV and again do a channel scan.

This method helps you get certain channels that you previously might not be getting despite opting for them.


We hope that at least one of the 6 provided methods helped you boost your outdoor TV antenna signal. If none of them worked, I suppose the only solution at the point is to call a professional. However, I hope it does not come down to it and you can solve it yourself.


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