How To Charge PS4 Controller [Best Beginner’s Guide]

how to charge ps4 controller

It is true that without a controller, PlayStation 4 is just a paperweight. If you are a beginner and not sure how to charge PS4 Controller, then I am here to provide the best guide on setting the Controller and charging it.

As the PS4 controller needs to be charged occasionally, without a USB cable, it is not easy to charge PS4 Controller. One crucial question that arises is how long does it take to charge PS4 Controller.

It takes approximately 2 hours for assessing if the ps4 controller battery is depleted. So, if you want to know how to set the PS4 Controller, then continue reading to get the solution.

What is the color of the PS4 Controller while charging?

When the PS4 is charging, it's light bar slowly blinks, and it gradually fades between white charging. when the controller is fully charged, the light bar turns entirely off.

How to make battery last long while charging?

Here are some tips to extend PS4 controller battery life. Not only PS4, you can also use these tip for other joysticks and flight sticks too.

Reduce the light bar – You already know that by reducing brightness, your phone battery saves the battery percentage, and the same happens in the PS4 controller. To reduce brightness, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the PS4 settings.
  2. Device.
  3. Brightness. 

Now, you can low the brightness, according to your choice.

how to charge ps4 controller
  • Turn off vibration – Well, it is the biggest trick for saving the PS4 controller battery.
  1. Go to PS4 settings.
  2. Device.
  3. Controller.
  4. Vibration.

And then, uncheck the box to vibrate off. This will increase the lifespan of the PS4 controller battery.

How to charge PS4 Controller

how to charge ps4 controller
  • To charge PS4 Controller, you have to connect it with the PS4 console. By using the USB cable, you can join it, which is provided with the system.
  • As PS4 is switched on, it will be on the rest mode; and the controller will start charging. 
  • It takes 2 hours to get completely charged. When the battery runs out completely you can charge it again.
  • For checking the current charging level, just press and hold the controller PS button. After pressing, your charge percentage will start to appear on your screen.

Different Methods to Charge PS4 Controller

There are two options to charge a PS4 controller, one is by using USB ports on your consoleby using wall charger and also by a wireless charging dock. But, there is a little bit of difference in the charging time.

So you can choose anyone method which is more convenient to you. The console outputs a maximum of 5V900ma. Along with this, the dual shock four controllers have a power of rating 5V. Yes, this is the power that needs to operate controller while charging.

The controller will ask for 800ma when it is plugged into the PS4 console or a wall charger. But, you should check whether the charger output has at least 800ma. This is crucial while using a wall charger, as it will put your charger in stress and maybe burn it. Along with this, it will not charge sufficiently.

So it doesn't matter which charger you choose, whether a wall charger or a console port. Their charging output is similar and they draw 800ma power. Therefore, both are the same, and you can choose any of the methods for charging, but wireless charging is the best way to charge your ps4 controller.

Warnings for PS4 Controller

Try to avoid using quick USB chargers – If the charger shows two output, then don't use them since fast charges offer two power outputs, one is 5V, and the other is 9V output.

It is preferred to use a compatible charger to draw 9V power. Many users report that a quick charger may damage PS4 controllers. So, it is better to be on the safer side.

So, it is not acceptable to take the risk of using a quick charger with the PS4 Controller. But, if you have more money to burn it, then it is your choice. It is recommended to try to protect your expensive controller from damaging.

How to Reset the PS4 Controller

How To Charge PS4 Controller

Many users want to know how to reset the PS4 controller. Whenever you get some common issues with the controller, simply resetting it may work most of the time. Well, you can easily find the reset button on the rear of the Dual Shock - 4 controller, which is just near to your L2 shoulder button. There are some steps to reset your PS4 Controller.

  • Firstly, turn off your PS4 controller and try to locate the reset buttonhole, which is near to the L2 shoulder above.
  • Secondly, you have to push down the reset button.
how to charge ps4 controller


This is the complete guide on how to charge PS4 charger effectively. By following this guide, You will not face any problem while charging and operating. I have provided the best possible solutions to charge the PS4 Controller.

Since the PS4 controllers are free and reliable, many users find it interesting to access them. But, problem occurs while charging only. I hope that you will find the solutions mentioned in this article useful and interesting.

Therefore, if you find any difficulty or problem, then you ask them in the comments section.


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