How To Clean Swimming Goggles [Maintenance Guide]

how to clean swimming goggles

Swimming is a refreshing sport. It has many health benefits and a day in the water is never a disappointing time. Those who swim often know don't know how to clean swimming goggles. 

Goggles are essential for every swimmer. It helps prevent cloudy vision when you are underwater. The better you clean and maintain your goggles, the longer it lasts.

As most of you know, over time, the lack of maintenance will fog the lens up, which makes it useless.  This article is going to talk about how you can clean, protect, and maintain your goggles to use it for               longer periods.

Uses of Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles are essential for every swimmer. It helps prevent cloudy vision when you are underwater.

If you’re are an avid swimmer, you would know how water can often sting your eyes, especially swimming pool water that has a large content of chemicals in them. You will have an itchy or red-eye after a day in the pool, which is why it’s important to always protect your eyes with goggles.

Another benefit of goggles is that it helps you see underwater, especially when you go scuba diving, you can enjoy the sea world and prevent the eye from being affected by the water pressure difference.

How to Clean Swimming Goggles

Cleansing your goggles shouldn’t be a one-time thing. A lot of us may find it difficult or we may feel unmotivated to clean the goggles, but five minutes of your time will prevent you from having to buy goggles every time you want to go swimming.

Maintaining your goggles is pocket-friendly and ensures long-lasting benefits. The first process of cleaning a swimming  goggles.

Cleaning after your swim

Yes, you will have to do some aftercare for your goggles right after you swim, here is a list on why you should do it and how you need to do it,


Right after a swim, make sure you run some cold water on your goggles and rinse it thoroughly. This process is to ensure that you wash away the chemicals attached to the goggles. 

These chemicals, left unchecked, could damage the visibility and the anti-fog function of the goggles. When rinsing, make sure the water pressure from the faucet is controlled to avoid mirror surface damage.

how to clean swimming goggles


Once the rinsing process is complete, dry the goggles off and make sure it doesn’t sit out for too long in the open because that may lead to the accumulation of bacteria and dust particles.

The goggles should be placed in a cool, dry place that has zero sun exposure. Sun exposure will severely affect the rubber straps attached and will distort the anti-fog function of the goggles.

how to clean swimming goggles


After you’ve ensured the goggles are completely dry, make sure to place it in a box (particularly made for the goggles). Avoid placing the goggles next to sharp objects.

Do not place the goggles in the box even if it is slightly wet because it may cause the growth of mold, which will infect your eyes. When drying your goggles, use a soft cloth to prevent minor scratches.

How to Clean swimming Goggles every day?

With the following cleaning tips, you can make sure your goggles are in top condition in no time,

how to clean swimming goggles


Be sure to sure a neutral detergent when cleaning the surface of your goggles. Avoid using detergents with abrasive ingredients in them.


Alcohol must not be used to cleanse your mirror’s surface. The harsh substance will damage the surface turning your goggles ineffective.

Use a soft cloth when wiping down your goggles to avoid minor scratches; the damage may, in time, ruin the anti-fog and UV features of your goggles.


If you have goggles with removable straps, it will make your cleaning process much easier. Soap water can be used as an alternative to detergents. Make sure the goggles are cleansed and dried off properly.


When outdoors, always make sure to wash your goggles in cold water. Warm water may cause more damage than good. With the help of cold water, you can wash off all the residue and chemicals stuck to the goggles.

How to Maintain your Goggles?

These are a few tips you can use to cleanse your goggles every day. Moving on, let’s talk about why you need to maintain your goggles and how to do it,

Maintenance or aftercare of your goggles is an important step in ensuring its longevity. Let’s look into some tips for you to use to keep your goggles in perfect condition.

What to do if your goggles are dirty?

Mostly due to neglect, we might find ourselves with a very dirty pair of goggles. Your normal cleaning methods may not suffice, which why you can follow this simple DIY step to clean the dirt off,

  • Grab some vinegar. Mix it with water in a bowl at a 1:4 ratio.
  • Once the mixture is complete, put your goggles into the bowl and let it soak for about 1-2 hours (depending on the accumulation of dirt).
  • Take the goggles out of the water and rinse it with cold water. Rinse thoroughly and dry it off with a soft cloth.

Your goggles are now good as new.

What to do if the anti-fog coating is ineffective?

The anti-fog coating is what helps you see effectively underwater. It prevents the clouding up of the goggle lens under different water pressure so you can have an undisturbed view. 

In case the anti-fog coating is ineffective, you can Spray an anti-fog solution on the inner side of the lens and leave it outside. It is more effective to turn the inner lens out so that the solution can dry naturally. Make sure the surface remains covered.

A few points to keep in mind about goggle maintenance:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of your any type of goggles are important, but you need to buy a new FPV goggle or Swimming goggle for every 6 months. Since the effectiveness of goggles will decrease despite maintenance if used everyday.
  • Do not leave your goggles out in the sunlight as it will deform or break.
  • When cleansing your goggles, do not rub your fingers on the lens as it will rub off the anti-fog coating. Instead, dip the goggles in a bowl of water and shake it till the soapiness disappears.

These are some maintenance tips you can use to ensure that your goggles are in perfect condition.


These are some of the tips and tricks on how to clean and swimming googles and maintain them. Hopefully, these prove effective in increasing the longevity of the goggles. If you know some goggles maintenance tips, then you can share them in the comment section.

swimming goggle

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