How To Cut Glass Mosaic Tile Using Different Cutters


Are you trying to install new glass mosaic tiles? But it’s not just laying down properly? You have to cut them in the proper size to get fit in the bracket perfectly. There are many types of tiles, like glass, porcelain, stone tiles etc. 

So you have to use different methods to cut those tiles to get fit. But cutting glass mosaic material is a very tough job. This article can be a valuable guide to you if you want to know how to cut glass mosaic tile effectively.

how to cut glass mosaic tile

You can use a glass cutter to cut a glass mosaic tile. But there are different methods and tools used to cut a mosaic tile, lets see about them in detail.

Diamond Blade and Wet Saw

The most accurate and straightforward cuts are made from a diamond blade, and wet saw. So, you can make the best finish for tiles. You have to take other precautions while cutting.

how to cut glass mosaic tile
  • Firstly, you have to make sure that you use a high-quality blade. It is mainly used to cut glass tiles since they all are made from a uniform and a great diamond grain.
  • Secondly, make sure your cutting surface and saw are clean. Since the smallest piece of glass and debris can prevent your saw from operating correctly.
  • Therefore it results in less than any ideal results and may damage your tiles.
  • If you are using an diamond blade, make sure to keep it sharp. Since not all blades are ready to cut diamond edge, therefore, it must be cleared or revived so that it cuts properly. Brand new blades are perfect ones to use. 
  • Suppose you are using plenty of water to cut the tiles. Then make sure your water cutter has an adjustable flow since your tile is getting many operations on it. Even superheated glass crack or chip also cut. So you have to make sure that it should be enough to stay cool with the blade.
Cutting Glass mosaic tiles with Bar cutter

Instead of using a scoring wheel or cutting pliers to cut a glass mosaic tile, you can use a bar cutter which does the work easily. The materials and tools needed are washable marker, bar cutter for glass, grozing pliers, running pliers, rubbing stone for glass, and finally a piece of cloth.

how to cut glass mosaic tile
  • First, mark the place where the cut is going to be done.
  • Then score the tile using the bar cutter.
  • Now you can either snap the tile that is equipped with a pressure foot along the scored line or just manually snap the tile using running pliers or grozing pliers.
  • After this is done, you need to smooth the edges of the tile before installation.
Nipping glass tiles using wheeled mosaic nippers

If you need to cut any small, irregularly shaped pieces of glass tile you can do it with the help of mosaic nippers. This is mostly used while doing artistic designs.

how to cut glass mosaic tile
  • First you need to mark your cut on the tile using a washable marker.
  • It is mandatory to wear a protective gear while nipping tiles. Then position yourself to cut/nip the tile. Also, avoid nipping tiles while people are nearby.
  • The third step is to cut the glass tile. So squeeze the nipper's handles and carefully cut the glass.

how to cut curves in glass Mosaic tiles

If you have glass tile that is around a pipe or any other curved objects, then you will need to cut curves in glass mosaic tiles and not straight ones. So to achieve smooth curves you can use scoring tools, Wet saw, and a rubbing time. You can use any of the methods which are mentioned above.

Mark a cut using a washable marker

As usual mark your cut on the tile using a washable marker and score. Then place the tool where you are going to make the cut.

Mark cut perpendicular to scored lines

Carefully using your wet saw you need to make multiple straight cuts that starts from the edge portion of the tile that you have planned to discard to the portion that works perpendicular to the scored line.

Snap these glass around curved cuts:

Then you need to cut off those glass spokes present around the curved cut.

Smooth the edges:

Lastly you need to smooth the edges of the tile before installation.


So, this is the user guide on how to cut glass mosaic tile. By reading this information, you get understand how to cut the tiles most effectively. Glass cutting needs extra attention. Take the precautionary measures before you starting doing this work. Hope this article is useful, if there is any problem faced by you, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.


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