How to remove membrane keys

This is a common query many gamers ask. Well, the answer to this question is ‘YES.’ It is possible to remove keyboard keys. However, membrane keyboards are different from mechanical keyboards, so the replacing or removing method might be a bit more tricky than usual.

A membrane keyboard has no physical press keys. The keyboard is more like a pressure plate that has keys printed on the plate. You simply have to touch the keys on the pressure plate, and the computer will automatically receive the command. Most of the membrane keyboards have pressure plate keycaps. But, if you have a membrane keyboard with keys, you can replace the keycaps.

There might be multiple reasons why you would want to replace the membrane keycaps, such as Broken keys/Non -functional keys or simply for keyboard cleaning purposes.

Luckily, you don’t need heavy tools to remove membrane keycaps; all you need is;

  • Head screwdriver
  • Bowls
  • Slotted screwdriver

If you have these tools, you can successfully remove keys from the keyboard and also replace them with new keycaps. 


Membrane keyboards are also referred to as rubber dome keyboards which are quite common these days for typing, editing, and gaming purposes. Before you can see how to remove keycaps from a membrane keyboard, make sure you have the following things ready.

You wouldn’t need any high-end equipment or tools to dismantle each keycap. Simple household things would also work great. 


  • Paper clips, car keys, credit cards.
  • Bowls.
  • Cleaning solution
  • Screwdrivers


  • Turn the keyboard upside-down.
  • Using the screwdriver, remove each screw intact in the casing.
  • Now the keyboard comes in two halves. Detach them completely.
  • Make sure to place both the parts on a clean and smooth surface.
  • Before removing, make sure to click pictures of the present keycap positioning, so when the procedure is completed, you can refer to those pictures to assemble them back.
  • Using the paper clip or credit card edge, apply a little pressure on the gaps of each keycap. It should pop out easily with minimal force.
  • Now that you have removed all the keycaps take a sharp brush and clean all the dust and dirt present on the keycap. This step is a bit tedious but important. In case one of the keycaps is cracked or broken, you can replace it with the new one at this moment.
  • Once done, put back the membrane part into its original casing and screw them again to tighten.
  • Check for any deformation or any missing piece.
  • Bring the keyboard back in the upside position and start using it.

This is how to take keys off a keyboard without using any heavy tools. 


Membrane keyboards are more delicate than regular ones. So, you cannot also use DIY methods. Sometimes you should use high-tech tools as well to quickly and harmlessly remove each keycap. 

Things you need


  • Make the keyboard upside-down.
  • Remove all the outer casing screws and make two halves of the keyboard.
  • Then gently, using the keyboard key remover or keycap puller, pluck out each keycap.
  • Once all the keycaps are removed, clean the interiors and place the membrane back into the casing.
  • Put the screws back.
  • Switch on the keyboard and start using

This is how to use a keycap puller or keyboard key puller to remove all the keys from the keyboard. 

How To Clean A Membrane Keyboard 

If you are stuck with the question in your head, how to clean the membrane keyboard? Then don’t trouble yourself. Follow these steps below and deeply clean your membrane keyboard without harming the internal components.

Before going ahead with the cleaning, keep these following tools ready with you, 

  • Toothbrush
  • Membrane keyboard
  • Screwdrivers
  • Cleaning solution/Sanitizer


  • Unscrew your keyboard using the Philips screwdriver
  • Remove each keycap.
  • Wash every keycap individually using a used toothbrush.
  • Also, wash the top pieces with the cleaning solution and wash them off with regular water.
  • Let the keycaps dry for a bit, and then reassemble each keycap in its original position.
  • Close the casing using the slotted screwdriver and check for any loose ends.


If you are stuck on how to remove membrane keyboard keys easily, then follow the steps mentioned above. Removing them isn’t that difficult. All you need is precision and a good pulling item. You can remove them as many times as you please. 


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