Meet “The Urban Umbrella” — NYC’s New Sidewalk Shed

It’s been decades moving on the same pedestrian by the general public, but that’s going to change soon to a way whole new look. After being selected in the International contest, the wonderful design goes along with the wish to uphold living standards, reduce impacts of construction together with sidewalk safety and providing more space to the pedestrians, as referred by Bloomberg.

The project is named “Urban Umbrella” to give New York the 21st-century look and beauty which it is craving for today’s architectural developments. These sheds form the basis of the city which shows the changing society and lifestyle – yet they were not at all thought of that important since the 1950s. But now the time has come and the things will be seen changing.

Young-Hwan, currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania came up with the idea with a group consisting of Sarrah Khan(Engineer) and Andres Cortés(Architect), working for the Agency Group. He was awarded $10,000 for the framework incorporated.

The construction site of Lower Manhattan will be receiving a prototype of the same very soon. According to release, “The Urban Umbrella” as named so has the biggest advantage of following the same average cost as other pedestrian sheds, also cost-of-installation and cost-of-maintenance in the long term are said to be much lower than ever.

The city of New York wants contractors to use the Umbrella for the purpose of reducing maintenance costs coupled with less obstruction of buildings front. Possibly business functioning beneath will be benefited, although the owners will not need to use the shed.


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