RTX 2060 VS RTX 2070 – Which One You Should Choose?

rtx - RTX 2060 VS RTX 2070

Graphic cards is a piece of hardware placed in the slot of a motherboard and is responsible for rendering the image on your screen by converting data into the signal.

Image quality is the major requirement of gamers and people equipped with designing or editing work. That being said, investing the best graphics card is vital. The one with excellent features will transmit pictures with high-end pixels on the screen. 

If you are confused between lower-end RTX GPUs from Nvidia, then below I have provided features of both the cards –Both the RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 are extraordinary in their performance. RTX 2060 provides a similar level of performance as RTX 2070 that too at an affordable price. However, both of them have different audiences; depending on their needs and requirements, users choose their drivers.

RTX 2060 VS RTX 2070

difference - RTX 2060 VS RTX 2070


Both the cards have GDDR 6 memory, with RTX 2060 having 6GB and RTX 2070 having 8GB with GDDR6 VRAM. GDDR6, at the time of their launch, used to be standard but many great updates have come with time. If you want to enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest in 4K resolution, then RTX 2070 is a far better choice with a large size and bandwidth.

Architectural design

gaming performance - RTX 2060 VS RTX 2070

Surprising to know the fact that both these cards are VR-ready. Nevertheless, tensor cores differ a bit between the two. i.e. 240 in RTX 2060 and 288 in RTX 2070

RTX 2070 is a much more reliable source for people who have to do highly professional tasks such as architect designing, high-end gaming for professional gamers, etc. 

Whereas 2060 is advised for basic tasks and normal gaming. The base core clock metric is not great enough in RTX 2060; conversely, the boost clock offers many surprises in favor of RTX 2060. 

The cards do not support NV link or SLI, which is almost outdated now, as gaming devices coming now do not need it. Multiple processors allow real-time ray tracing in both cards.

Gaming Performance

RTX 2070 is a way better option if you use a high refresh rate monitor for enjoying high-quality intensive gaming sessions with no compromise on the setting. Both cards offer a great visual experience of 1080p.

However, professional gamers choose RTX 2070 over any other graphic card because of its amazing QHD 144p and astonishing performance. The RTX2070 is way faster, with a great frame rate than the RTX2060 and all the earlier versions.

So, for those who are thinking of upgrading from an older version, then RTX2070 would be a perfect choice for enhancing your gaming and working experience.

Not only limited to gaming, but these cards give an impressive performance in handling some of the high-end software's and programs which require great processing power like CAD and editing tools.


There is a huge difference between the price of both RTX 2060 and RTX 2070. The contrast of $100 between them makes 2060 a very attractive option for beginners and people who want to perform basic standard tasks. The price difference directly decides the sect of the audience for individual cards.

However, the price is worth it as the RTX 2070 offers great ray tracing technology, which you won't find in many major graphic cards. Working professionals who don't want to compromise or give up on their work quality choose the RTX 2070 card as it vanishes the freezing and increases your work's productivity.

Not only for gaming, but the RTX 2070 is better in every way for professional programming and software. Designing software requires high-end processing; 2070 can handle such 2D and 3D designing smoothly without lagging.

Advantages of RTX 2060
  • Affordable price
  • Faster overclocking
  • 1080p 
  • Appropriate for 4K 30fps gaming
disadvantages of RTX 2060
  • No SLI support
Advantages of RTX 2070
  • QHD 4K gaming
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent 1440p
  • Brilliant viewing
Disadvantages of RTX2070
  • No SLI support
  • Costly


It is obvious through the above-mentioned detailed specification and features that RTX2070 is a superior and most brilliant choice. That doesn't mean that the 2060 card is not good enough. The RTX2060 is a great choice in terms of value, features. However, it falls one step under 2070 in the range of performance.

Professionals who have to work in enhancing pictures, editing videos, architect 2d/ 3d designing, gaming, etc., require a high-end processor, which quickly transmits the data onto the screen and does not heat up easily. The devices are equipped with several companion features which save your system from heating up during long working hours.

There are many more differences between these graphic cards. However, those mentioned above remain some of the basic features required by every gamer and professional worker to run their programs smoothly. I hope that the information discussed above will help you in scouting your hardware for upgrading your system. So, what are you waiting for, go and grab your desired products. 


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