Steam Input Per Game Setting – Detailed Guide


With more ambitious developers and improvement in technology, gaming became a major reason behind getting yourself a PC and dedicated gaming systems like the PlayStation. Xbox and Nintendo came into being. 

With the widespread availability of the internet, gaming with your friends and in general, getting the latest games became easier. The landscape changed.

What was a solo experience, for the most part, could now turn into a group activity. One of the most well-known and first online distributors of games was Steam.

About Steam

Steam is an online video game distribution service made by Valve for gamers and game developers. The valve is the company responsible for hyper-successful and classic games like Counter-Strike, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead.


Steam was launched back in September of 2003 as a standalone software via which Valve can dish out automatic updates for their games and also provide a platform to access games by other developers… and expand they did! Initially only providing PC games, Steam is now available for gaming consoles like Playstation and Xbox as well.

Steam is almost like an online mall for gamers. From the convince of your own home, gamers can log in to the website and have access to thousands of games that they can play online or purchase if they so wish. Aside from making things easier for the customers, this convenience directly helps the developers as well.

Back in the day, it was extremely difficult to get your game out and available to the general public without the backing of huge cooperation. Now, any third-party-developer can partner up with Steam and have their game up and available on the platform for millions of users to check out. This is beneficial for both gaming companies and indie developers.

Another benefit of the platform is that the developers and easily interact with the players of their games and roll out updates or fixes in the form of "game patches" for people to download that have purchased their game. This way, they can fix any issues that the players might be facing or overall, improve the game.

Steam is the pioneer of online video game distribution platforms, coming in at a whopping 6 years earlier to its competitors Ubisoft's Uplay and EA's Origin.

Steam Input Per Game Setting
Games on Steam

Steam is a fantastic platform of gamers and game developers alike. The ability to access thousands on games from the comfort of your home is luxury that is hard to resist and a habit too tough to change. In order to access these games, all you really have to do is register for a Steam account. From there on out, you can log into Steam via any piece of tech that supports it and download games directly.

Steam Input Per Game Setting

Steam offers its players a Steam Library, which is a page where they can view the friend activities, games statistics, achievements and the collection of played games. Steam automatically informs you about bugs and updates and also often gives out discounts. Steam also allows players to interact with one each other via Steam Chat and Game Hubs.

Steam input per game setting

You can play games on Steam in many ways. The classic mouse and keyboard or maybe use a DualShock. Either way, there is a lot of flexibility. Recently, Steam rolled out a new setting called "Steam input per game setting" in every game's properties in Steam Library. There is seems to be some confusion about what it does so I will try to clarify it here.

This setting will not particularly improve the FPS of any game or overall increase the gameplay in any way. This exists for games where you are going to use both a controller and the configurator.

With this, for example, you want your DualShock Controller activated for 1 specific game but not the other, you can do so. The configurator, more or less, allows you to make changes to the default keys for games that usually come with fixed controller buttons.

If you do not use it, having it enabled or disabled will make no difference.

Steam Input Per Game Setting


I hope this article helped clear your doubts about the "steam input per game setting" menu and what it does. It helps you change controls and specify which game you wish to play with which controller, in a nutshell.

It is a handy feature if you use controllers for some games and keyboard and mouse for others but if you don't, just ignore it as it will have no effect whether it is enabled or disabled. Happy gaming!


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