What Is VLT In Ski Goggles

What is VLT in ski goggles?

There are a ton of considerations you need to make when you are choosing a ski goggle for yourself. VLT in ski goggles helps you to see through with a clear perception in the snow. Also, one of the most considerations you will have to make while choosing out for a ski goggle is the light transmission.

what is VLT in ski goggles

So, what makes it so important? The light transmission helps you to see through the snow. You need to work through your snowboarding or surfing with the help of the ski goggles which you have bought. With VLT is one such advantageous element that comes and is attached to handle out the light transfusion from your goggles and clears a clear reflection.

What are the VLT options for your SKI goggles?

The options for VLT on your ski goggles vary widely because there are a ton of considerations you need to take proper care of before you start to choose the one right for you. Ski goggles have the typical percentage of about 7-8 percent of VLT present in it, for the other range it is around 10-20 percent and for the others, it is around fifty to sixty percent. If you can get, you can get an all-time range of about 90-95 percent as well.

what is VLT in ski goggles

Depending on the type of ski goggles you have bought from the market and even the range of buying options which you have, you can choose the one which fits the best for you. So when you are choosing out a ski goggle for yourself, you need to check out for the range and the color of the goggles largely matters here as well.

how to choose a VLT Goggles?

The VLT score will depend on the mild conditions that you'll be snowboarding in. Those who are skiing in very shiny mild situations ought to choose ski goggle lenses with decreased percentage ratings because these lenses will permit greater mild in.

But, individuals who tend to ski in dark and overcast conditions ought to select lenses with a higher VLT rating due to the fact these lenses will let in more light. Of course, ideally, you will have ski goggles that could cope with a wider variety of light situations than these degrees offer.

In case you need to have ski goggles to be had that can handle a selection of different mild situations, you have two alternatives. One of the most used options is to purchase for more than one model or a goggle at the same time.

Well, for starters, you can use goggles which has a low light transfusion rate. There are some low light transmissions in VLT goggles set which you can use because the management of the light which is passed through does not strain on your eye. 

How To Choose A VLT Goggles?

Here are some of the pointers as to how you can choose for a VLT on your ski goggles.

  • Understand the type of VLT you need for your goggles. For example, there are a ton of ways through which you can understand the type of VLT you need for your goggles. Choose the one which has a naturally low VLT so the sunlight can be blocked when you are skiing.
  • The alternative factor you could do is choose photochromic ski goggle lenses. Photochromic ski goggle lenses are capable of presenting a wider range of mild transmission. A number of these ski goggle pairs can span as much as 60 percent in terms of VLT percentage rankings. That is the fine manner to handle appreciably varying lighting situations while not having to trade to a one-of-a-kind pair of ski goggles.

These are the type of goggles you can make from the store. Also, there are tons of considerations you can make while you are shopping online as well.


VLT in your ski goggles is really important and it helps you to stay protected and especially if the weather outside is really sunny.

I hope this article on what is VLT in ski goggles has cleared your doubts regarding VLT in ski googles. Share it with your friends who are planning to buy Ski googles. Cheers!


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